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Why everyone here should support a Republican for Congress in MD-8

After the mess of the Bush years and the Republican idiocy in Congress, it’s hard to imagine a situation in which a progressive would really, strongly support a Republican.  But today is the day for me.

Murray Hill is just more than the typical candidate.  Murray Hill represents something more than anyone could hope to represent.  Young, an interesting background, and new to politics – these days, who wants to reelect an incumbent?

If you’re not convinced, join me below the fold.  I think even the most partisan Democrats out there will be convinced that Murray Hill is a great candidate.

Laugh for today

A Saturday funk, with a stomach not wanting to cooperate so I decided to read my Docudharma. But the wolves were not helping my mood.

I was answering ek hornbeck when my doorbell rang. My creaky old bones rise and stagger to the door…”why would someone ring a bell at my place at 10 AM on a Sat?”  “Don’t they know I’m cranky?”

Get your laugh for today!

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This is short for a diary but I had to share.

Today s Sunday and this is the day that Gun Shows like to reserve for their displays. A gun Show is a swap meet/ flea market for gun nuts. Once a month, there is a Gun Show in Northern Illinois for all the gun “aficionados” to buy/sell/swap their wares to other gun crazies.

My Husband is a gun nut. He is a member of the NRA and has been since he was a teen. He is also a Veteran, serving in Korea in 1969 as a Medic. he is also a card carrying member of the Democratic Party and the ACLU and has been for all his adult life.