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Academic Freedom and a Republican County

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At first glance, the problem with the College Board election in DuPage County, IL seems like a traditional spat over not filling out the petitions correctly. However, delving a little deeper and remembering that DuPage County has been Republican controlled for 135 years, one sees a little different slant to the objections. It seems that those who are being challenged in their opportunity to run for the four open seats on the DuPage College Board are Democrats! And those who question their petitions’ legality are not only present Board Members who are also running for those open seats, but Republicans.

Then there is the innocuous little matter of the board wanting to adopt the “Academic Bill of Rights” written by David Horowitz for the college without discussion and in its entirety.

Rolando Cruz was railroaded

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There has been a lot made of whether Roland Burris wanted Rolando Cruz dead rather then alive in 1992.

I do not know whether he did or not.

But I do remember the Jeannine Nicarico case.

Little Jeannine, age 10, stayed home from school one day because she was sick. Someone broke into her home, removing the door from its hinges and robbed it. She hid under a bed but was discovered and taken. Her body was found several days later in a wooded area. Her head smashed in and she had been raped, probably postmortem.

Free Speech in DuPage? Almost

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Yesterday there was supposed to be a trial in DuPage County.

Two anti-war protestors were promised their day in court after 15 months of appearances and continuances and postponements.

They were ready.

The prosecution had the witness and the arresting police officer.

Jeff Zurawski and Sara Hartfield had truth and about 48 supporters on their side.

Judge Sutter was ready.

Get your laugh for today!

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This is short for a diary but I had to share.

Today s Sunday and this is the day that Gun Shows like to reserve for their displays. A gun Show is a swap meet/ flea market for gun nuts. Once a month, there is a Gun Show in Northern Illinois for all the gun “aficionados” to buy/sell/swap their wares to other gun crazies.

My Husband is a gun nut. He is a member of the NRA and has been since he was a teen. He is also a Veteran, serving in Korea in 1969 as a Medic. he is also a card carrying member of the Democratic Party and the ACLU and has been for all his adult life.