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Naturally Dyed Eggs


Recipe for the Evening 20100612. Blueberry and Strawberry Icebox Pie

This is a recipe that I invented a couple of years ago, and it works with almost all fruit except ones that are very infirm.  I would not recommend using ripe peaches or blackberries because they, at their prime, are extremely fragile.

It works well with blueberries and commercial strawberries, however.  One could substitute any fairly firm fruit (making allowances for acid and sugar balance) and get a good product.  Since the current host of What’s for Dinner? on the orange site (like I always do when I am the host) did not choose to share that post here, I at least will share my recipe with my cherished friends here at Docudharma.

Naturally Dyed Eggs


Super Bowl Food Fest

What are you fixing for the big game? My daughter e-mailed me to let me know I was going to miss her seafood gumbo, buffalo wings, onion/vegetable dip and brownies. I’ll be eating MRE’s or rather the French version RCIR, Ration de Combat Individuelle Rechauffable.


Each RCIR contains

Each box includes: Main meals x2, Hors d’oeuvre, Soup, Cheese or a Crème dessert, Salted and Sweet crackers x16, Chocolate bar, Package of caramels, Gum, “Breakfast package” (Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Milk powder, Sugar, etc), Nougat bar, Fruit gelee, Sugar cubes, Paper towels x10, Heating kit with fuel, disposable stove, waste bag and water purification tablets x6, etc.

There are pork and no pork versions and they come with cute little stove but, alas, no wine. We have managed to find a source for wine, beer and other alcohol. The RCIR’s are quite “valuable” in the world of barter when living in less than civilized conditions like war zones and disaster areas.

Anyway, I digress. I offer up my famously HOT, in more ways than one, recipe for Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese Dip.

What are you cooking? Feel free to share recipes, ideas for solo viewing or for a crowd.

Pony Party: comfort food

Hello, all.  I’m at work tonight & will check in as soon as I get home.

What is your favorite comfort food?

I like (s)mashed potatoes & gravy.

Ham steak & hominy (one ham steak, two cans of whole hominy, drained.  Sear the steak on both sides, remove from pan.  Add the hominy to the skillet & stir to scrape up the ham bits, then put the  steak on top of the hominy & put the whole skillet into the oven [350] for about half an hour until the ham steak is cooked through and the hominy has browned a bit & absorbed the ham flavor.  Serve with your favorite green veggie:  I like spinach).

Holiday Food Porn

Its hot. Its steamy. It makes you tremble in anticipation.  It makes you covet thy neighbor’s portion even while sated on your own.

Food, Glorious Food!


(Yeah, I’m a Mom, I now picture the vulture scene from Ice Age 3, not Oliver Twist when this song plays in my head!)

Here is a space to share your innermost oral-fixation secrets, lay bare your culinary souls.


C’mon you know what I want. Right here. In the Kitchen. I’m so naughty….

I want every recipe you can give me!!!!!

From Turkey to Christmas Cookies!  Of course, it doesn’t have to be Holiday food, any favorite recipe you want to share.

Bootleg Pony: In The Soup

In the recent spirit of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Pony Liberation Front (ASPLF, it's not just a stifled sneeze anymore, it's a movement) we bring you: Bootleg Pony. An unscheduled moment of pony-ness for your delectation. It also marks your author's maiden diary, so later on you can just shrug your shoulders and say, "well, we knew he was a putz — just check out that first thing he wrote." Read on if you will, and know you'll come out of this story better than I did.

I love to cook.

As openings go, it's not "call me Ishmael," but it does say something true and, for me, important. I do love to cook. I also love the bubbling rush of food blogging that has started around here, too. It speaks to something in our souls as well as our tummies, and to part of the core of ourselves: a better relationship with both earth and us through one of the most fundamental parts of our lives, how and what we eat. I'd like to write some stuff that's a part of that.

This ain't it.

That said, the kitchen offers me home, canvas, and refuge alike. I value it all. The three squares, snack foods, all the different shapes and styles and flavors of food, baking (I'm a pretty fair baker), playing short-order cook to the under-sixes (two of them), holidays, what foods and the ways we make them have meant to different people and cultures, the whole deal. It's a rhythm, a medidation, a craft, a solid kind of work, a source of some real satisfaction in my battered though improving life. I'm not a foodie, nor a snob about ingredients though I like them local (either for me or the recipe) whenever possible. No fancy magazine subscriptions though I read cookbooks for fun; no wierd but lovely gear from the lust-addled pages of Willams-Sonoma. Just a regular kitchen of a pretty poor family where I get some solace and share a little goodness with my wife and kids.

Mostly. Sometimes, though, it can go terribly wrong. Let's move along then ….