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The Billion Dollar-O-Gram

Huh.  Notice the vast wastelands of war and finance. Click here to see larger original.


At least war gives us the hard on of a “stimulus package.”  Plus, it’s fun killing some people.

American Pathocracy: Case study Iraq.

The Ruling Borg of Psychopaths  

“What is missing [in psychopaths], in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony.”[  

—  Robert Hare

America’s ruling elite have become extremely and increasingly destructive to social values both at home and abroad, to a degree one must recognize as both criminal and pathological.  

Breaking: Blogger takes dump on shit-filled ideoscape.

Booman “squats and leaves it:”  

It’s the pwoggies, the friggin’ pwoggies!  who are ruining the Democrats’ Pathocrats’ chances in November, by trying to subvert and de-motivate the base.

He’s terrified of the hardcore psychopaths come November.  And he should be.


That list is hardly comprehensive, but it does spell trouble for the Democrats pseudo-psychopaths.

My fellow High Net Worth Individuals, we are back in black!

Glad tidings, my fellow emotive and passionate brotherly investors!  The new World Wealth Report has been published by Capgemini and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management (pdf, free registration), and it is very, very good news indeed, so let’s cut to the chase:  My compassionate transnational brethren of High Net Worth Individuals, we are as rich as ever, and getting richer!

The world’s population of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) grew 17.1% to 10.0 million in 2009, returning to levels last seen in 2007 despite the contraction in world gross domestic product (GDP).  Global HNWI wealth similarly recovered, rising 18.9% to US$39.0 trillion, with HNWI wealth in Asia-Pacific and Latin America actually surpassing levels last seen at the end of 2007.

We have swelled the ranks of HNWI and our wealth surged in 2009.  Oh, the Blows of Chance, the Shocks of Time, we were hit particularly hard in 2008.  We have recouped our losses, while everyone else sucked on contaminated bilge water!  Time and time again, I don’t know how we do it, but we do.

Before you start calling Clinton and Obama hypocrites…

Consider the following.


At an international conference on democracy and human rights in Krakow, Poland, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton railed against governments intolerant of human rights:

“But we must be wary of the steel vise in which governments around the world are slowly crushing civil society and the human spirit,” she said. Social activists, Clinton said, are being harassed, censored, cut off from funding, arrested, prosecuted or killed.

President Obama unequivocally echoed her righteous sentiments in a public statement:

President Barack Obama, in a statement released in Washington, said the United States is particularly concerned about “the spread of restrictions on civil society, the growing use of law to curb rather than enhance freedom and widespread corruption that is undermining the faith of citizens in their governments.”

Then Dave Lindorff reels off around twenty reasons why they are such flagrant freaking hypocrites that their pants should be effectively on fire, while Glenn Greenwald has the temerity to call the US a police state in cahoots with British Petroleum.

Normally, I’d gladly join in the outrage at the blatant hypocrisy, but an alternative hypothesis has been creeping around in the back of my mind lately.  

Capitalism and pathocracy: Rule of, by, and for the morally insane.

In its pure, unregulated sense and form, capitalism is the creed and practice of psychopaths, nothing more than a vehicle for the uninhibited expression of psychopathological freedom.  Capitalists, once called “captains of industry,” and more recently known as “masters of the universe” due to malignant effects of their outsized egos on the global population at large, often pretend to adhere to some marginally plausible ethos purely for public relations value, e.g., “bringing cheap energy to market,” or “creating market efficiencies,” to mask and continue their depredations unmolested by the indignant outcries of normal people, in the end, the psychopath simply takes what he wants without any standard feeling of remorse for horrific outcomes.

Sociopaths are “outstanding” members of society in two senses: politically, they command attention because of the inordinate amount of crime they commit, and psychologically, they elicit fascination because most of us cannot fathom the cold, detached way they repeatedly harm and manipulate others.

http://www.bbsonline.org/Prepr… (1 of 63) [04/01/2008 16:28:32]


Whether criminal or not, sociopaths typically exhibit what is generally considered to be irresponsible and unreliable behavior; their attributes include egocentrism, an inability to form lasting personal commitments and a marked degree of impulsivity. Underlying a superficial veneer of sociability and charm, sociopaths are characterized by a deficit of the social emotions (love, shame, guilt, empathy, and remorse). On the other hand, they are not intellectually handicapped, and are often able to deceive and manipulate others through elaborate scams and ruses including fraud, bigamy, embezzlement, and other crimes which rely on the trust and cooperation of others.  The sociopath is “aware of the discrepancy between his behavior and societal expectations, but he seems to be neither guided by the possibility of such a discrepancy, nor disturbed by its occurrence” (Widom 1976a, p 614). This cold- hearted and selfish approach to human interaction at one time garnered for sociopathy the moniker “moral insanity” (McCord 1983, Davison & Neale


What makes capitalism an ideal vehicle for the expression of psychopathology is its inclination toward pure profit regardless of external costs, hence its hypertrophic emphasis on unregulated, laissez faire, “let do” behavior.

Insofar as psychopaths and their creed of unfettered capitalism have infested and subverted the very government both regulating them and giving them license to operate, the United States has turned into what some have called a “pathocracy,” the rule of, by, and for the morally insane.