Why I am quitting you, Democrats

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You are officially the party of the status quo, now.  It’s time to start recognizing that, and acting like it.  And if you want change, then, well, make change.  Don’t whine about it endlessly, especially if you supported corporatist laws with lies and caveats to begin with.  And if you don’t want change, stop pretending you do.

The moment of President Obama’s election, the Democratic Party became the Party In Power.  It ill becomes the Democrats, and their apologists, and supporters, to complain about the very things they helped do and pass, or are, even now, helping do or pass.  For example, don’t try to sell me on how bad Wall Street has become, if out the back door, you are shoveling money at them as if there’s no tomorrow.

Don’t like the Tea Partiers?  Good.  I don’t either.  So stop talking about them as if they are all powerful bullies, terrorizing you.  You’re the government now.  Grow the fuck up and crush them when and if they become actual domestic terrorists.  You supported the means by which to do so.  People as supposedly far left as Alan Grayson voted to pass an extension on the Patriot Act .. do you really want me to believe they’re so dangerous and you can do nothing?  Oh, but you sure can do a lot about actual liberals who do anything but protest like baby kittens.

Let me remind you of a few things, Democrats.  It was your conservative corporatist wing that joined with the Republicans and refused to do anything about insane gun laws that have turned the entire 50 state union into some mockery of the Wild Wild West.  Yet now, Democrats talk about Tea Partiers having meetings with guns .. this is your fault.

And my anger isn’t just limited to old style long time Democrats.  Supposedly moderate Republicans abandoned their party and joined the Democrats.  Rather than your powerful people, who could have done something, reining in your most wacko elements, used to be moderate Republicans but now apologist Democrats, you instead joined the a different party and continued doing the very things that created the Tea Partiers in the first place.

Moreover, you Bush I style and Gerald Ford style Republicans: You aren’t one of my peeps and you never were.  If you wear a D after your name now, that doesn’t make you one.  Back in the day I would have told them to get the hell out of my house.  And nothing has changed.

To both of the major American Parties:  You are making Americans crazy, fail to educate them, use social issues that should have long since been settled to enrage them, then whine about how crazy some know nothing Americans you helped create are distorting the political process with their rude incivility and actually scaring you, at long last.  

Stop them, then stop it.

Start educating the American public sincerely and stop using the educational system as a political football.  Stop playing with minority groups and leading them on politically while wrecking their lives over and over again for your political benefit.

That is, if you don’t want to be terrorized by ignorant Americans who are foolishly used by you and think that violence will solve problems, instead of simply be bantered about on cable TV.  These people could become really dangerous to the extent you coddle them and enable them.

And, by the way, if you want to whine to me about how Tea Partiers bring guns to Obama rallies, it might be a good idea, in addition to not letting them do it, stop treating the lives of entire segments of the population in which I am included several ways, as if their lives are worth little, and using meaningless patronizing terms like “odious” when people want to kill us en-masse.

That might be a good idea, too.

No, I just cannot be a Democrat because I cannot anymore see supporting something, then bitching about that which I myself supported as being non-hypocritical.  When you passed a law that was Aetna’s and AHIP’s wet dream, and threw up a bunch of lies, misrepresentations, and bullshit apologia for how it was the only thing you could do, I said, that’s it, I’m done.  Because, you see, I cannot possibly argue for this thing, argue against my own sure knowledge that you won’t do much to improve it and pretend you will to salve my conscience at the people you left on the road.  The people you left on the road not because you had to, not because they deserved it, and not even because it was all that terribly inconvenient to help them.  Because it was politically expedient.


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  1. But it’s just so appropriate here.

  2. It was your conservative corporatist wing that joined with the Republicans and refused to do anything about insane gun laws that have turned the entire 50 state union into some mockery of the Wild Wild West.  Yet now, Democrats talk about Tea Partiers having meetings with guns .. this is your fault.

    Jesus H. Christ. And you wonder how the gops drive wedge issues. Sheesh.

    Got news for you:

    The Republicans controlled the Congress for 12 years, the executive branch for eight, and six of those years intersected, during which time they packed the Supreme Court, yet Roe v wade is still law.


    Because people want it there.

    Same thing with the gun control stupid which leaves only cops and criminals with guns.

    If people wanted more gun control, we’d have it.

    But they don’t, hate to break it to you.

    What the fuck do you think cost us the Congress at the beginning of those 12 years I described?

    Like the diary title, though. One less idiot gun grabber living in a fantasyland of rainbows and puppies and dragging us down is always a good thing.


  3. I will vote….

    for greens this year but never will i vote for a democrat….

    and if the dems think O would have been elected without our support they r delusional….

    good luck dems and good bye….

  4. something needs to be done to stop the gun smuggling that is going on across our borders. It is creating a havoc there..

    • TMC on March 26, 2010 at 23:01

    about the number of guns an individual can buy without a license. Crack down on sales at gun shows in states that have lax purchasing requirement and allow purchase of multiple weapons. Those are the handguns that end up on the streets where guns laws are tough, like NY.

    Also the sale of weapons like AK-47’s and other similar assault weapons should be banned for the general public.. The argument that it is a hunting rifle is just hollow, sorry. It is a weapon of war and should not be available for sale to the general public.

    I don’t want to take guns away from any citizen. We have a right to hunt and protect ourselves, family and property. TE police aren’t going to be there until after the crime is committed.

    I learned how to hunt from my uncle. I was in the military and I was a police officer. I’m a gun owner and I still have a Federal permit to carry concealed.

  5. I do not suport individuals in their efforts to undermine the dignity of others……

    I grew up owning guns…..

    hunted most of my life…..

    have been considering buying a hunting rifle to do so now….

    but when the purpose of a conversation becomes about robbing some one else of their dignity it ends…

    righ there….

    • BobbyK on March 27, 2010 at 01:28

    about guns and threats in the media is a little bit of theater all around.

    The Rhambamabots want to paint the Repugs and Teabaggers as extremists and marginalize their protest over the healthcare ‘win’. And the MSM is buying into the narrative because it’s makes a sexier story than how sucky the bill actually was.

    By making the main story about a bunch of teabagging kooks potentially getting violent, they don’t have to pay any attention to the folks who feel betrayed by the Republican Lite actions the Dems have taken.

    Personally, I’m pro-gun. Within reason. I’m pro wait list, pro background check etc.

    I like to tease my future-in-law’s Republican friends and say we should have “Cash for Kalashnikovs” as a stimulus program. I tease them and say “if we would just give everyone a gun, we could save money on police/courts/jail etc.”

    They don’t really understand I’m just kidding. They just look at me kind of confused. It’s hilarious.

  6. to make sure that ammo could never be in any gun in any public place, kind of making it hard to shoot anyone

    jumping into your car at the park. Black Panthers scared Ronnie. Ronnie big tough dude. Big time 2nd Amend. advocate. He and Heston always carry gun in movies and T.V.–

    But guns have always been important in U.S. history. Big advantage over the Native Americans. Got us the country on the cheap. Yes, the Cold 45, the gun that won the West.

    And what would have Gould and the other Railroad Titans done without the ability to hire armed thugs to break up those union gatherings? But for me, I’m worried about King George III, and that he’ll come for my wife and other property. Gotta watch out for that police state. But I’m not so sure how my gun would do against a tank and grenade launcher.

    Come to think of it, I want a grenade laucher. How about it Ronnie?    

    • banger on March 27, 2010 at 15:49

    I don’t have a gun either. Yes, your skills may be more dangerous and helpful. But you have a lot of guns concentrated in certain parts of the country that could, like Afghanistan, virtually secede from the main part of the country right now.

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