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Senior League Division Series: Dodgers @ Mets Game 3

Saturday’s Game

Top 2nd Leadoff Solo Shot.  Mets 1 – 0.  Solo Shot.  Mets 2 – 0.

Bottom 4th Ground Rule Double.  RBI Double.  Mets 2 – 1.

Bottom 7th.  Raul Tejada criminally assaulted by Chase Utley.  Dodgers 5 – 2.

Series Tied at 1.

Analysis and Setup

People who know me say I’m the quiet type, keep to myself.  I like to think I’m very reasonable and non- confrontational.

Were I Manager, here’s how it goes down.

On Chase Utley’s very first at bat I take my Starter and send him to the field to play a position.  It doesn’t matter which one.  I bring in my hardest throwing, most disposable Reliever and when I make the call to the Bullpen I say-

“You have one pitch.  Be sure it’s a good one.”

Of course we’re both ejected.  Probably suspended and fined.  My Bench Coach takes over, brings back the Starter, game continues.

The next time Chase Utley’s at bat, my Bench Coach puts the Starter in the field.  The Umpires probably eject him right then.

Doesn’t matter.  Is Major League Baseball going to take over Managing one of the teams?  I think that’s a game they don’t want to play.  Is this the WWE where Vince calls the shots?

If Utley isn’t benched for his own safety by the time his spot rolls around the 3rd time, when one of my Bat Boys (there are about 12 or 15 Coaches of various sorts I’ll run through first, but my purpose is firm) sends the Reliever to the field, what will they do then?

And afterward, at what will no doubt be an exciting and well reported News Conference, this is what I will say-

This is perfectly good, old school, hard play.”

Well, I wasn’t going to the Hall anyway.  I’ll find a College someplace.  Maybe a Radio or TV gig.

But ek!  The entire Coaching Staff is fired or under suspension!

We have Minor Leagues.  Those guys aren’t doing anything except sitting on their ass watching the game and wishing they were me anyway.  Voila!  Fully staffed.

Forfeit the game?  Forfeit the Divisional Series?  Do you think Major League Baseball is willing to go down in History (because Baseball is all about History) putting their thumb on the scale that much?

This is bigger than the Black Sox and the Media (at least the New York part of it) is going to sympathize with  me even if they don’t say so and they’re much more efficient (if no less corrupt) than they were in 1919.  Baseball will take years to recover, if it ever does.

If the Series continues and Chase Utley comes to the plate it is deja vu all over again.  He will slink away bruised, battered, and humiliated.

And so shall he ride the bench a coward in every game against the Mets until he retires.

But what if you just lose?

With this much smoke it won’t be a ‘just lose’, it will be a rallying cry, a cause, a legend.  It will put butts in the seats for years.  These guys have shown that they’re good enough to make it back next year, the Minors are full of talent (not quite as good as the Cards but who is?) and there’s enough money to re-sign the wheat and replace the chaff.  The Mets will do fine in 2016 and if they don’t…

Well, we’re used to that.

And should we win there’s this magical thing where you can change your roster with each new Series in the Playoffs.  They can’t fire everybody unless they’re willing to seize control of the Ball Club WHICH is it’s own company.

If they do that then maybe we should be looking at that ‘Anti-Trust Exemption’.

The Mets will be putting Matt Harvey (R, 13 – 8, 2.71 ERA) on the mound.  Brett Anderson (L, 10 – 9, 3.69 ERA) will start for the Dodgers.  If certain unfortunate things had not occurred I might be talking more about Harvey’s contract, but it seems kind of pointless at the moment.

Senior League Division Series: Cardinals @ Cubs Game 3

Sunday’s game

Bottom 1st Solo Shot.  Cardinals 1 – 0.

Top 2nd Leadoff Single.  Fielder’s Choice, Error, Runner on Second, Steal, Runner on Third.  Walk.  Attempted Sacrifice, Error, Score, Runners at Second and Third, 1 Out.  Tied at 1.  RBI Sacrifice.  Cubs 2 – 1.  RBI Infield Single.  Cubs 3 – 1.  2 RBI HR.  Cubs 5 – 1.

Top 3rd Leadoff Walk.  Single, Runners at Corners. RBI Sacrifice.  Cubs 6 – 1.

Bottom 5th Solo Shot.  Cubs 6 – 2.  Solo Shot.  Cubs 6 – 3.  Final.

Series Tied at 1.

Analysis and Setup

Tah Dah.  They did what I told them and look at how it worked out.  Welcome to Wrigley Field (don’t lose the ball in the ivy), one of the storied parks in all of Baseball, where the Cubs (99 – 66) can close it out and the Cardinals (101 – 63) must at least split on the road to survive.

The Cubs will be sending Jake Arrieta (R, 22 – 6, 1.77 ERA) out. The Cardinals will respond with Michael Wacha (R, 17 – 7, 3.38 ERA).  Arrieta is the real deal, very impressive.  We’ll see if he has a rubber arm tonight.  If so he could be very dangerous in a longer Series, appearing in as many as 3 games of 7.  On paper this is the Cubs game.

Game time is 6 on TBS.

Junior League Division Series: Blue Jays @ Rangers Game 4

Sunday’s Game

Top 3rd Leadoff Double.  Infield Single, Runners at Corners.  RBI Double Play.  Blue Jays 1 – 0.

Top 4th Leadoff Double.  Sacrifice. Intentional Walk. Walk, Bases Loaded.  RBI Walk.  Blue Jays 2 – 0.  Double Play.

Top 6th Leadoff Infield Single.  Single, Runners at Corners.  Walk, Bases Loaded.  Double Play, Runners on Second and Third.  3 RBI HR.  Blue Jays 5 – 0.

Bottom 7th Single.  Single, Error, Runners at Second and Third.  RBI Sacrifice.  Blue Jays 4 – 1.  Final

Rangers lead Series 2 – 1.

Analysis and Setup

Still win or Spring Training for the Blue Jays (94 – 71).  The Rangers (90 – 75) will want to close out at home.

Derek Holland (L, 4 – 3, 4.91 ERA) will be on the mound for the Rangers.  The Blue Jays will be starting R.A. Dickey (R, 11 – 11, 3.91 ERA).  Holland missed 4 months with a shoulder tear, Dickey used to play for the Rangers (where he was terrible).  I don’t much like the Rangers, a Blue Jay win after an 0 – 2 start would be counter-intuitive.

Game time is 4 on Fox Sports 1.

Junior League Division Series: Royals @ Astros Game 4

Today’s Meta (because what good is a day without Meta?).  As I mentioned yesterday both TMC and I are in meetings all day long.  We were able to resolve some of our issues yesterday (we think, that’s what today’s meeting is about) which is good.

In planning the rest of the week (because it’s not like we don’t have weekly and daily story meetings, we’re very professional like that) it’s become quite clear that Thursday the 15th, Transition Day, is going to be fraught.  We expect that the Wordpress sites will be open for reading including our back catalog with little delay (there will probably be some).

We’ve decided that the best way to communicate with our readers is through our normal twitter activities.  Information that can’t be expressed in 140 characters we will post at Corrente which is run by our friend Lambert.

There is virtually a 100% chance that there will be NO POSTING AT ALL on Thursday.  We will simply be too busy.  If you visit you are likely to get an Internet error.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE HAVE CEASED PUBLICATION.

We hope to resume posting, at least ours, by Friday.  User posts may take a little longer to resolve.

User accounts WILL BE RESTORED, at least for posting.  Commenting may take longer and there’s a possibility that the initial commenting system will not represent a permanent solution.

That’s the best case scenario.  In the worst case it may take us up to a week.

Sorry for the inconvienience.

After tonight The Daily Late Nightly Show will not be posted again until next Monday (the 19th) at the earliest.

After tomorrow we will stop Baseball Playoff coverage until functionality is restored sufficiently to do so.

We will have an Open Thread Tuesday for the Democratic Debate.

After that all regular publication will stop except for Meta announcements on progress.

I want to apologize once again to our Readers, Authors, and Commenters.  We like Soapblox and are not leaving the Platform willingly, it’s just that our vendor will no longer support it.


There will be no live blogging of today’s games (except the Mets, c’mon).

Sunday’s Game

Top 4th Solo Shot.  Royals 1 – 0.

Bottom 5th Walk.  Double.  2 RBI Single.  Astros 2 – 1.

Bottom 6th Leadoff Double.  Sacrifice.  Walk, Runners at Corners.  RBI Single.  Astros 3 – 1.

Bottom 7th Leadoff Solo Shot.  Astros 4 – 1.

Top 9th Leadoff Solo Shot.  Astros 4 – 2.  Final.

Astros lead Series 2 – 1.

Analysis and Setup

Game as expected, an Astros (89 – 77) blowout.  The Royals (96 – 69) must win tonight or they will hit the links and wait until next year.

The Astros will send out Lance McCullers (R, 6 – 7, 3.22 ERA) and the Royals Yordano Ventura (R, 13 – 8, 4.08 ERA).  The New York Times thinks McCullers is almost as good as Keuchel though te numbers don’t agree.  Ventura is the pitcher who got rocked in Game 2 and had to leave after 2 Innings, supposedly because of a stomach virus.  Royals fans better hope he’s recovered because it’s win or go home.

Game time is 1 on Fox Sports 1.

Junior League Division Series: Blue Jays @ Rangers Game 3

Friday’s Game

Top 1st Leadoff Double.  RBI Single.  Rangers 1 – 0.  Single, Runners at Corners.  RBI Sacrifice cuts down the Runner at Second.  Rangers 2 – 0.

Bottom 1st Solo Shot.  Rangers 2 – 1.

Top 2nd Leadoff Walk.  Sacrifice advance Runner to Third.  RBI Sacrifice.  Rangers 3 – 1.

Bottom 2nd Error, Runner at First.  Ground Rule Double, Runners at Second and Third.  RBI Single. Rangers 3 – 2.  RBI Double Play.  Tied at 3.

Bottom 5th Leadoff Double.  Sacrifice.  RBI Single.  Blue Jays 4 – 3.

Top 8th Leadoff Single.  Sacrifice.  RBI Single.  Tied at 4.  Caught Stealing.

Top 14th Infield Single.  Single.  RBI Single.  Rangers 5 – 4.  RBI Single.  Rangers 6 – 4 Final.

Rangers lead Series 2 – 0.

Analysis and Setup

No doubt about it, the Blue Jays (93 – 91) are in trouble.  You don’t drop 2 at home in a 5 game series and expect to advance.

If you’re a fan and you want to see them play one last time, you better watch today’s game.

If on the other hand you’re a Rangers (90 – 74) fan (though I can’t imagine why) you’re in the Catbird seat (yes a bird pun, what about I haven’t slept in days are you not understanding?).  Today, tomorrow, who cares?

Well I do dammit.  If they win today it’s one less thing I have to do tomorrow.

Bye bye Birdie (getting it?).

Martin Perez (L, 3 – 6, 4.46 ERA) will be on the mound for the Rangers.  The Blue Jays will be starting Marco Estrada (R, 13 – 8, 3.13 ERA).  Alas, on paper the Jays cream ’em.

Game time is 8 on Fox Sports 1.

Junior League Division Series: Royals @ Astros Game 3

Today’s Meta (because what good is a day without Meta?).  BIG meeting Monday about our transition to Wordpress on the 15th (that’s Thursday folks!).  Blogging this week will be especially sucky, starting today and continuing until next Sunday probably.

While I’m attempting to keep up with my responsibilities for content and technical direction, I’m not particularly familiar with some of the issues we have already identified.  TMC and I will probably be in conference until well after midnight, and this comes on top of what has already been a stressful week or 3.  I got three whole hours of sack time in the last 48 hours and at that I can’t complain because it’s been worse for TMC.

I would certainly like to be providing you with live blogging but that’s not going to be possible and the posts themselves are going to be highly abbreviated if available at all.

In my exhausted state I find it hard to pretend that greatly grieves me today, but you know- I don’t really care about the Junior League anyway.

I’ll probably continue to rant about my Metropolitans especially after that criminal assault on Tejada last night.  Be of good cheer, it’s season not career ending and in 5 game series tems that split the initial road games advance over 60% of the time.

Friday’s Game

Top 1st Walk.  RBI Double. Astros 1 – 0.

Top 2nd Leadoff Single.  Walk.  Single, Bases Loaded.  2 RBI Single.  Astros 3 – 0.  Double Play.

Bottom 2nd Solo Shot.  Astros 3 – 1.

Top 3rd Leadoff Solo Shot.  Astros 4 – 1.

Bottom 3rd Leadoff Double.  Infield Single, Runners at Corners.  RBI Double Play.  Astros 4 – 2.

Bottom 6th Double.  RBI Single.  Astros 4 – 3.  Single, Runners at Corners.  Walk, Bases Loaded.  RBI Walk.  Game Tied at 4.

Bottom 7th Leadoff Triple. RBI Single.  Royals 5 – 4 Final.

Series Tied at 1.

Analysis and Setup

So the Royals (96 – 68) won the Battle of the Losers.  Remember what I said above about the Mets chances?  Well, the Royals are on the short side of that.  They must at least split on the road to force a deciding 5th game.

If you’re an Astros (88 – 77) fan (can’t imagine why) don’t sweat Friday’s game.  Sweep at home and advance.

The Astros will send out Dallas Keuchel (L, 20 – 8, 2.48 ERA) and the Royals Edinson Volquez (R, 13 – 9, 3.55 ERA).  Keuchel is the Astros Ace.  He pitched six scoreless innings in a 3 – 0 win over the Yankees.  On paper this is a blowout.

Game time is 4 on MLB.

Senior League Division Series: Mets @ Dodgers Game 2

Yesterday’s game

Top 4th Solo Shot.  Mets 1 – 0.

Top 7th Walk.  Walk.  Walk.  Buh-By Kershaw.  2 RBI Single.  Mets 3 – 0.

Bottom 8th  Clippard ruins deGrom’s Shutout.  Double.  RBI Single.  Mets 3 – 1 Final.

Mets lead Series 1 – 0.

Analysis and Setup

Heh.  Looking pretty Amazing last night.

Oh sure, Kershaw had more Ks than deGrom (who had plenty, most in a Playoff debut since Tom Seaver), but who climbs out of the Ravine with the W hmm…

Why that would be the New York Metropolitans (91 – 72).  After our victory tonight their record will be equal to the perfidious Dodgers (92 – 71).  Boo…  Hiss…

Zack Greinke (R, 19 – 3, 1.66 ERA) will start for the Dodgers, the Mets will be putting Noah Syndergaard (R, 9 – 7, 3.24 ERA) on the mound.  Greinke’s 1.66 leads the League and Syndergaard’s?  Well, it doesn’t.

So they could lose I suppose, but I haven’t taken my lucky Mets Cap off or changed my socks and I’m starting to grow a beard.

However the Mets have already accomplished the goals that I said the Cubs must tonight-

They hung tough until the 8th Inning and it’s only the first game, on the road, and all we need is a split at Busch Stadium and we’re golden.  Go Cubbies!

Substitute Dodgers for Busch and Mets for Cubbies and it’s exactly the same thing.  Tonight’s game is bonus, it can only add to the humiliation.

The Cubs game is still in doubt as I write this but it seems they followed my advice.

Game time 9 on TBS.

Senior League Division Series: Cubs @ Cardinals Game 2

Yesterday’s game

Bottom 1st Ground Rule Double, RBI Single.  Cardinals 1 – 0.

Bottom 8th Solo Shot.  Cardinals 2 – 0.  Walk, 2 RBI HR.  Cardinals 4 – 0 Final.

Cardinals lead Series 1 – 0.

Analysis and Setup

Well, if you’re a glass half full type and a Cubs (98 – 66) fan (and seriously, if you’re a Cubs fan how can you not be a glass half full type) you say to yourself-

“They hung tough until the 8th Inning and it’s only the first game, on the road, and all we need is a split at Busch Stadium and we’re golden.  Go Cubbies!”

It wasn’t that close.  The Cardinals (101 – 62) beat them like a drum.  The Cubs haven’t scored a Run since the 5th inning of the Wild Card game.

Lester did just about as well as Lackey, but with far more drama.  The Cubs Bullpen, not so much.

So, pick ’em.  I want the Cardinals to lose just as much as the next guy, maybe more, though my Metropolitans sure looked good last night.

The Cardinals will be sending Jaime Garcia (L, 10 – 6, 2.43 ERA) out.  The Cubs will respond with Kyle Hendricks (R, 8 – 7, 3.95 ERA).

Game time is 5:30 on TBS.

Senior League Division Series: Mets @ Dodgers Game 1

Meet The Mets



Step right up and greet the Mets!

Bring your kiddies,

bring your wife;

Guaranteed to have the time of your life

because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball; knocking those home runs over the wall!

East side,

West side,

everybody’s coming down

to meet the M-E-T-S Mets of New York town!

Oh, the butcher and the baker and the people on the streets,

where did they go? To MEET THE METS!

Oh, they’re hollerin’ and cheerin’ and they’re jumpin’ in their seats,

where did they go? To MEET THE METS!

All the fans are true to the orange and blue,

so hurry up and come on down –

’cause we’ve got ourselves a ball club,

The Mets of New York town!

Give ’em a yell!

Give ’em a hand!

And let ’em know your rootin’ in the stand!

Come on and MEET THE METS,


Step right up and greet the Mets!

Bring your kiddies,

bring your wife;

Guaranteed to have the time of your life

because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball; knocking those home runs over the wall!

East side,

West side,

Everybody’s coming down

To meet the M-E-T-S Mets of New York town!

Of New York town!

The New York Metropolitans (90 – 72) are the team of my heart.  The despised Dodgers (92 – 70), the carpetbaggers of Chavez Ravine, are not so much rivals as beneath contempt,

I didn’t expect much this year so this is all a pleasant surprise.

It has been a very busy and frustrating day.  Eight hours of meetings and not much progress to show for it.  I’m not going to write much more preamble except to say that I have my Mets Cap on and I’m looking forward to victory tonight.

Clayton Kershaw (L, 16 – 7, 2.13 ERA) will start for the Dodgers, the Mets will be putting Jacob deGrom (R, 14 – 8, 2.54 ERA) on the mound.  deGrom is a converted infielder who was last year’s Senior League Rookie of the Year.  This is his first playoff experience.  Kershaw is last year’s NL MVP and a three-time Cy Young Award winner, on the other hand he’s only had one Win in the Playoffs having gone 0 – 4 against the Cardinals in his last 2 Series.

Lest you think the Mets have no chance, they took 4 of 7 from the Dodgers this year.

My prediction?  Mets in 3.  Or maybe 4 or 5, I don’t much care as long as they advance.

Game time 9:30 on TBS.

Senior League Division Series: Cubs @ Cardinals Game 1

Is this the year the Cubs (98 – 65) break their 106 year drought?  Sadly, no.  They’re going against the Cardinals (100 – 62) who are rapidly approaching the Yankees both as the most sucessful and hated Baseball team ever.

I sure would like them to win though, it would make it much easier for my Metropolitans who I’m pretty sure are not going to make it through the Cardinals either if it comes to that.

TMC and I were talking and she asked me if I liked sports at all, I write about them so much.  The answer is, not really.  There are a lot of things I post because I think they make good material for the site, like Throwball Playoffs and Formula One.  Frankly they’re both pretty boring.  Some sports I won’t touch, like Professional Baskeball (beyond boring into gouge my own eyes out with a double side of Van Gough territory).

I do like the weird stuff like Curling and America’s Cup, but they’re hard to find on a regular basis and…

I like Women’s College Basketball and Baseball.  Senior League Baseball that doesn’t coddle it’s Pitcher and keep famous but ineffective geezers riding the pine after they become too fat and crippled to field.

If the Metropolitans suddenly vanished I wouldn’t hook up with the Yankees or even the BoSox.  Instead I’d probably root for the Cards because I’m tired of losing.  Sorry Cubbies.

The Cardinals have a incredibly strong organization and usually a pretty talented team.  If you want to make book on who is going to be the World Champion before Spring Training in any given year, you could do worse than put your money on the Cards.

That said, the Cubs are sentimental favorites and looked surprisingly good in the Wild Card game againt the Pirates.

The Cardinals will be sending John Lackey (R, 13 – 10, 2.77 ERA) out.  The Cubs will respond with Jon Lester (L, 11 – 12, 3.34 ERA).  The weird thing is they were #1 & #2 on the Red Sox staff in 2013.  On paper Lackey is much stronger.

My prediction?  Cardinals in 4.

Game time is 6:30 on TBS.

Junior League Division Series: Astros @ Royals Game 2

Last night’s game

Top 1st leadoff Single and a Walk.  Single, Bases Loaded, No Outs.  RBI sacrifice.  Astros 1 – 0.  RBI sacrifice.  Astros 2 – 0.

Top 2nd 2 Out Double.  RBI Single. Astros 3 – 0

Bottom 2nd leadoff Solo Shot.  Astros 3 – 1.

49 minute Rain Delay.  Royals pulled Ventura for Young, Astros stuck with McHugh

Bottom 4th 2 Out Solo Shot.  Astros 3 – 2.

Top 5th leadoff Single, Caught Stealing.  Solo Shot.  Astros 4 – 2.

Top 8th leadoff Solo Shot.  Astros 5 – 2 Final.

Astros lead Series 1 – 0.

Analysis and Setup

Frankly the Royals (95 – 68) looked terrible even before the Rain Delay so I don’t think it’s as significant as some people do.  The good news is they say they’ll start Ventura again in the 4th game but they will have to get there first which, on the basis of their performance last night, is not a sure thing at all.  As for the Astros (88 – 76) McHugh did not disappoint and 2 Solo Shots against the Royals’ potent lineup is not a bad outing at all.

Today we have the Battle of the Losers.  The Royals will send out Johnny Cueto (R, 11 – 13, 3.44 ERA) and the Astros Scott Kazmir (L, 7 – 11, 3.10 ERA).  Pick ’em.

Game time is 3:30 on Fox Sports 1

Junior League Division Series: Rangers @ Blue Jays Game 2

Today’s Meta (because what good is a day without Meta?).  It is indeed Big Friday with 4 games to play.  The Junior League will be playing in the afternoon.  They have a travel day tomorrow and want to get an early start.  TMC and I have an early afternoon meeting so there will be NO liveblogging of those games.

The Senior League plays tonight, Cubs @ Cardinals at 6:30, Mets @ Dodgers at 9:30.  If you think I’m going to miss either of those, think again.  In fact I have dug out and dusted off my official Blue and Orange Metropolitans Cap (wool of course) because it’s been a looong time since I’ve had anything to celebrate in the Playoffs.

What this means for you, my readers, is that coverage of The Late Show is going to depend on when the game ends and, in another genius move by the same folks that instituted the abomination that is the Designated Hitter, MLB has relaxed the game pace rules.  Honestly I expect it will last to 1 am and that’s without extra Innings.  I will post because I want to set up next week’s guest lists for you.

Now onto today’s starting game.

Last night’s game

Top of the 3rd the leadoff Batter was HBP.  Runner advanced on a sacrifice and scored on a Single.  Rangers 1 – 0.  Runner advanced on a sacrifice and scored on a Single.  Rangers 2 – 0.

Bottom of the 4th a leadoff Single and a Walk.  Fielder’s choice, runners at the Corners.  RBI Single, 2 On 1 Out.  Rangers 2 – 1.  That was it.

Top of the 5th leadoff Batter HBP.  2 RBI HR.  Rangers 4 – 1.

Bottom of the 5th leadoff Double.  Sacrifice, runner advanced.  RBI Double.  Rangers 4 – 2.

Bottom of the 6th leadoff Solo Shot.  Rangers 4 – 3.

Top of the 7th Solo Shot.  Rangers 5 – 3 Final.

Rangers lead Series 1 – 0.

Analysis and Setup

I certainly expected the Blue Jays (93 – 90) to start much better than they did.  Basically Price did not pitch as well as his record indicated he should and what I didn’t know was that he has a record of choking in the Playoffs. The Rangers (89 – 74) also had better production from the bottom of the order (2 HR) than expected.

Both teams suffered potentially lineup changing injuries.  The Rangers lost Adrian Beltre to back spasms and the Blue Jays lost both Josh Donaldson (potential concussion) and Jose Bautista (hamstring spasms).  All will be evaluated this morning to see if the can play.  While Beltran is a good player the losses to the Blue Jays are possibly more serious since they are the number 2 & 3 hitters in the order.

The Blue Jays will be starting Marcus Stroman (R, 4 – 0, 1.67 ERA).  Stroman was benched after his first game of the Season with a torn ACL in his left knee and was expected to be lost for the year.  Cole Hamels (l, 13 – 8, 3.65 ERA) will be on the mound for the Rangers.  This would be no contest at all except for the injury.

Game time is 12:30 on MLB (which it turns out I get, but I won’t be around).

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