Junior League Division Series: Royals @ Astros Game 3

Today’s Meta (because what good is a day without Meta?).  BIG meeting Monday about our transition to WordPress on the 15th (that’s Thursday folks!).  Blogging this week will be especially sucky, starting today and continuing until next Sunday probably.

While I’m attempting to keep up with my responsibilities for content and technical direction, I’m not particularly familiar with some of the issues we have already identified.  TMC and I will probably be in conference until well after midnight, and this comes on top of what has already been a stressful week or 3.  I got three whole hours of sack time in the last 48 hours and at that I can’t complain because it’s been worse for TMC.

I would certainly like to be providing you with live blogging but that’s not going to be possible and the posts themselves are going to be highly abbreviated if available at all.

In my exhausted state I find it hard to pretend that greatly grieves me today, but you know- I don’t really care about the Junior League anyway.

I’ll probably continue to rant about my Metropolitans especially after that criminal assault on Tejada last night.  Be of good cheer, it’s season not career ending and in 5 game series tems that split the initial road games advance over 60% of the time.

Friday’s Game

Top 1st Walk.  RBI Double. Astros 1 – 0.

Top 2nd Leadoff Single.  Walk.  Single, Bases Loaded.  2 RBI Single.  Astros 3 – 0.  Double Play.

Bottom 2nd Solo Shot.  Astros 3 – 1.

Top 3rd Leadoff Solo Shot.  Astros 4 – 1.

Bottom 3rd Leadoff Double.  Infield Single, Runners at Corners.  RBI Double Play.  Astros 4 – 2.

Bottom 6th Double.  RBI Single.  Astros 4 – 3.  Single, Runners at Corners.  Walk, Bases Loaded.  RBI Walk.  Game Tied at 4.

Bottom 7th Leadoff Triple. RBI Single.  Royals 5 – 4 Final.

Series Tied at 1.

Analysis and Setup

So the Royals (96 – 68) won the Battle of the Losers.  Remember what I said above about the Mets chances?  Well, the Royals are on the short side of that.  They must at least split on the road to force a deciding 5th game.

If you’re an Astros (88 – 77) fan (can’t imagine why) don’t sweat Friday’s game.  Sweep at home and advance.

The Astros will send out Dallas Keuchel (L, 20 – 8, 2.48 ERA) and the Royals Edinson Volquez (R, 13 – 9, 3.55 ERA).  Keuchel is the Astros Ace.  He pitched six scoreless innings in a 3 – 0 win over the Yankees.  On paper this is a blowout.

Game time is 4 on MLB.

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