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Nearly Been Got By Pink Slime?

Have you or yours been nearly got by pink slime?  Remember when all we had to worry about was mutual assured destruction by nuclear warfare?

Now we have learned that nuclear irradiation may even be good for you.  

But how could pink slime be good for you?

From the ultimate authority, Wikipedia, there is this on “pink slime”:

The heating process liquefies the fat and facilitates the separation of lean beef from the fat and other meat by-products [of trimmings]. The recovered beef material is then processed, heated, and treated with gaseous ammonia or citric acid to kill E. coli, salmonella, and other bacteria. When gaseous ammonia is used, after coming in contact with water in the meat, it forms into ammonium hydroxide. The product is finely ground, compressed into pellets or blocks, flash frozen and then shipped for use as an additive.

Not pretty but just how does one get a superbug normally acquired in a hospital from such an ishy thing as pink slime?

What brought this up was one of those personal emails to myself and only 1000000000000000 other people begging for help eliminating pink slime from factory farms.  Is pink slime from organic farms better somehow?  

The sender seems to be a high-powered lobbyist with her own firm and, I expect, probably does have a real concern about a lethal threat to one of her own children that was, also I expect, not connected with the ishy pink slime.

I tried to find an email address.  I refuse to do tweets and whatever.

No doubt the lady’s testimony to the slimes in Congress will elicit horror from those honorable ladies and gentlemen who are only too familiar with slime but not so hot on science and technology along with the reporters covering such an event.

Why am I writing here about it?

You want I should bore the wife and dawgs with this?

Best,  Terry

Pique the Geek 20120401: The Things that we Eat. Pink Slime

Pink slime is a slang term, and not a terribly inapt one for what is technically known as lean finely textured beef or boneless lean beef trimmings.  Although I used the term pink slime in the title to get your attention, I think that it is a bit pejorative and shall use the term “the product” henceforth.

Since this is a meat product, it is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and not the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This seems to me to have a bearing on how it has been approved.

There are a LOT of politics and hype surrounding the product, and I think that it serves my readers to look at the technical issues before we examine the political and PR issues.  You might be surprised where I come down on the safety and wholesomeness of the product.