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Go with god

The Spanish zombie

stalks midnight, bleeding Euros.

Vaya con Dios.


Found poetry from Ilargi.

Four Haiku For Egypt

Defy the curfew,

Demand real democracy.

I support your dream.


Non-violence will prevail.

I stand with Egypt.

Do not be afraid,

I can still hear your voices.

I link arms with you.

May you soon be free.

May your children enjoy peace.

May your courage persist.

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Right Wing Haiku

You know what’s missing on the Intertubes?  (well, if you read my title the cat is already out of the bag)  

Haiku written for the right wing!  

For some inexplicable reason the right has not yet embraced this literary form.  Maybe that’s because right-wingers can’t use the left half of their brains.  Or is it the right half?  OK, they generally don’t use either half.  So being a generous soul, I’m offering some haiku written from a right-wing perspective to get them started.

Pony Party… Haiku Edition

I’m sure you already know…. don’t wRECk the pony party

So… (I recently learned from davidseth this is a jewish way to start a paragraph!)

Nightprowlkitty had a neat essay about haiku’s, or pops…. and since I had nothin’….

I thought I’d try to continue the puppy theme with my haiku effort.

(I want to warn you I’m pisspoor at poetry & don’t remember the rules of haiku!)

Your haiku’s can be about anything, of course… and you don’t have to haiku.

tumbling growling running

wet noses, sloppy kisses

Puppy pile up

fur-people friends

understand everything

yet never think worse of you

soft and good to burble on

rotund replete asleep

fat puppy belly

Pops and Blues