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Anticapitalist meetup, 8/1, 3pm PT, 6pm ET: suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

So here’s the latest.  The 6/25 meetup was going to be hosted by goinsouth — the meetup itself was harassed all throughout by some sort of monkeying-around with the internal code used at DailyKos.com .  I was going to get ramonegirl to host the 8/1 meetup, but she developed another commitment & so maybe another week.

If you’re not busy, btw, check out Diane G’s diary up now.

OK, so this is the prep session, here, now, for the coming anticapitalist meetup 8/1, 3pm PT, 6pm ET, over at Orange.  Do you have any thoughts about who would be willing to host a meetup?  Ideas for what I should post for Sunday?  People we should recruit?  General rants about what you think we can build in the era of declining capitalism?

Anticapitalist meetup 7/25 situation

goinsouth tried to post an anticapitalist meetup over at Kos today, and someone or something was monkeying with the HTML.

Anticapitalist meetup, 7/25, noon PT, 3pm ET: suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

Folks, we’re going to have another anticapitalist meetup over at Kos.  The last one (which I hosted) received 27 tips and 100+ comments.  The next one will be hosted by goinsouth, who has promised to say something about Wallerstein.  We are also going to try to form a group of diary hosts for the meetups, so that we can get someone to host the 8/1 meetup who will not be goinsouth and who will not be me.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas for the next meeting?  Any volunteers for the 8/1 diary hosting?

Anticapitalist meetup, 7/18, noon PT, 3pm ET: suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

Folks, on Sunday I will post an “Anticapitalist meetup” diary over at Orange, noon PT, 3pm ET.  

Here I’d just like to ask your opinion on how I can best promote this and what I can do to make this a good event.  Should I post a bibliography, a call to action, or one of my typical diaries?  What would you like to see from me?

Attention NEOhio Kossack/Docudharmists!

If you’re a kossack, and live within 100 miles of Cleveland, Ohio, then this diary is for you.

(and if you’re not, feel free to go visit the original diary and rec. it anyway, so those of us who are within that area can see it!)

Another good reason to rec this over there: Wouldn’t it be nice to see a non-Primary race diary on the Big-O rec list? 😉

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