Anticapitalist meetup, 8/1, 3pm PT, 6pm ET: suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

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So here’s the latest.  The 6/25 meetup was going to be hosted by goinsouth — the meetup itself was harassed all throughout by some sort of monkeying-around with the internal code used at .  I was going to get ramonegirl to host the 8/1 meetup, but she developed another commitment & so maybe another week.

If you’re not busy, btw, check out Diane G’s diary up now.

OK, so this is the prep session, here, now, for the coming anticapitalist meetup 8/1, 3pm PT, 6pm ET, over at Orange.  Do you have any thoughts about who would be willing to host a meetup?  Ideas for what I should post for Sunday?  People we should recruit?  General rants about what you think we can build in the era of declining capitalism?


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  1. Go over to Kos and recommend Jill Richardson’s diary: Sometimes we eat, sometimes we don’t

  2. I could host on 8/8 if you would like me to.  

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