Anticapitalist meetup, 7/18, noon PT, 3pm ET: suggestions, ideas, thoughts?

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Folks, on Sunday I will post an “Anticapitalist meetup” diary over at Orange, noon PT, 3pm ET.  

Here I’d just like to ask your opinion on how I can best promote this and what I can do to make this a good event.  Should I post a bibliography, a call to action, or one of my typical diaries?  What would you like to see from me?


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  1. but this one is for the comments.

  2. because I’m going to be at an actual real life anticapitalist assembly this weekend.

    As far as thoughts, I guess the first things that come to mind are questions.  Such as, what are your goals for this “anticapitalist meetup” diary at GOS?

  3. I appreciate it Budhy!

    • banger on July 15, 2010 at 20:31

    I think it should be a regular thing. My guess is it will take time to get going and where it could go is anybody’s guess.

    I think we have to start with a couple of premises–or at least I would.

    1. The current international form of capitalism has to be classified as predatory capitalism or a capitalism based on speculation and is moving towards a neo-fuedal series of arrangements. We have to remember that there is no rational division between politics and economics
    2. Free market ideology has no connection with reality at all. It is equivalent to a group of Trekkies expecting to be beamed up. Free markets cannot exist except in games, even then they’re bound by certain rules. All markets have to start with a location and some authority that keeps the dealings honest–so markets are always under the protection of some military authority and they must take their cut and always have. As a practical matter, all modern markets are rigged to benefit politically powerful groups–the more these groups thrive the more the market is rigged. If society intervenes, as it often does, some part of that society must keep a careful eye on the capitalist bosses because they will game any system, particularly one that is based on the type of law practiced in the U.S., i.e., emphasizes the letter rather than the spirit of the law–thus complex laws are written by corporate lawyers to benefit their bosses. When the time comes for enforcement they are ready and avoid the full weight of the law. We are in a position now that corporations have, with the right money going in the right places, virtual immunity to regulation because corporations are able to mind-control the public with the fantasy of “free markets.”
  4. Bring pencil and paper to the meetup.  There will be note-taking! 🙂

  5. ad hominem’s would be a good way to engage people it was a good definition and explanation of why this type of debate is useless and distracting . If you get too scholarly they will not pay any attention other then the choir who already sings this song.. They just consider diaries which are theory to be harmless commies who pose not threat. On the other hand if you get too political it just becomes a mosh pit. I like your style of writing be it the intellectual side or the more populist side. I will be there as I am firmly anti capitalist, and maybe I can learn something other then how to not just repeating my mantra of free market sucks.        

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