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Power to Represent


In his speech yesterday, Bernie Sanders spoke of (and I am paraphrasing here) he spoke of needing his fellow citizens to back him up so that he could represent us.

Representing your constituents is a power in and of itself.

We have certainly seen and felt the power of those who represent the rich and powerful in this country.  Their constituents pay a great deal of attention to their representatives.

Our guys?  Not so much.  And often for very good reason.  The dynamic, for one thing, is very different.  The rich constituents are used to succeeding, they truly do buy governmental power.

We may convince some reps of our POV, but we usually don’t have the means or sometimes even the skills, to transfer our power as citizens to our representatives in a way they can use to counter the power of the other constituency.

I am speaking literally here.  Power is not an abstract thought, it is a real force in this universe, and we all have it whether we abuse it, use it, hide it or throw it away, don’t matter.

Anyway, I give Bernie credit for knowing where his power comes from.  He knows it viscerally.  There are probably some others in Congress, and in state and local government now who know that the same way.

I am heartened that me and my fellow citizens are now aware, in whatever capacity we have, that this kind of power may take longer to amass, but once people are brought together, the represented supporting and informing the representative, and the representative allowing that power to come forth, to truly represent the former, there is no power that can withstand it.

Wild Yoginis


Wild Yoginis

Wild awareness,

up and up and up we go,

We’re willin’

As they say in the West

You were called

Red Haired Dakini

by someone who

knew what that meant

In New Orleans

you led the puja, we chanted,

Avolokitesvara, Chenrezig,

and then we walked down

Bourbon Street together.

You bought one of those giant

neon colored iced alcoholic slurpees.

We practiced every day

and opened up to the Universe

like crazy yoginis.

Wherein I Glorify my Prudishness


Lately I’ve noticed in my blogosphere wanderings the big controversy over President Obama’s balls.

I can’t even believe I wrote that!  Bleeeccchhhh!  Ewww.

I am really not interested, outside of my love life, in anyone’s organs of any kind.

I lament the loss of real privacy, which is an essential part of intimacy, one of the more pleasurable experiences in this crazy life.

Today is Mine


Today’s my birthday, and was a strangely rainy day in the Big Apple.  I felt like going to work, which was bizarre in and of itself.

I like birthdays, the ego gets a holiday and can run free!  Free at last!  Hee.

In this moderen age, we can self-publish.  So that’s easy right there.  Boom!  Instant connection to cyberworld.

Anyhoo …

Experiencing Reality


Most every spiritual system, be it institutionalized religion or various strains of spiritual practice that have survived the millennium in one form or another, all of them say something about the nature of reality itself.

The assumption being that we turn towards religion or spirituality because we have just finally said, “jesus, I just don’t know what’s going on any more and I’m not going to lie about it to myself any longer.”  Yes, pun intended.

Anyhoo, as my ma used to say.