Wherein I Glorify my Prudishness


Lately I’ve noticed in my blogosphere wanderings the big controversy over President Obama’s balls.

I can’t even believe I wrote that!  Bleeeccchhhh!  Ewww.

I am really not interested, outside of my love life, in anyone’s organs of any kind.

I lament the loss of real privacy, which is an essential part of intimacy, one of the more pleasurable experiences in this crazy life.


There are inhibitions that hurt our beings, and then there’s the limitations we set upon ourselves voluntarily, with awareness, that enhance our beings and reap boundless rewards.

Now I don’t suggest anyone try my brand of prudishness at home … I have spent decades perfecting it and am a professional.  So beware!


I first experienced the “balls,” “spine,” etc. sentiment back during the days when, say, Alito got confirmed to the Supreme Court.  I believe Maryscott O’Connor was plenty miffed at the time!

It skeeved me out then and it skeeves me out now.  Again, speaking only for myself, as a professional.

(I sort of feel like the SCOTUS when they ruled for Bush in Bush v. Gore and then said “DO NOT USE THIS JUDGMENT AS A PRECEDENT!  EVER!”  Ah, good times, good times.)

The question, of course, is … what are we asking for when we scream out for “spine” or “balls” or “courage”, etc.?

I don’t think it’s John Wayne we are looking for.  At least I hope not.

Our moral judgments on peoples’ character grow less and less persuasive to me these days.  Including my own.  Where is the standard, after all?

What we are screaming for is something difficult to describe, because it’s not visible, like a truck or an oil rig.

But speaking professionally, I believe we can do better with the whole meme of getting our leaders to “show some spine,” without being gross and talking about organs and such.

I believe we could very easily say what is nothing but the truth … that our job as Citizens makes it our duty to speak out and air our grievances.  A little insult or jab, sure, we’re only human.  But if there is going to be wit, I, as a confessed Prude, can wish it to be a bit more refeeeeeeened.

In conclusion, I believe I have shown how prudishness, employed by an expert, can move conversation forward past gordion knots of our flailing egos.  Creating a real space for dialogue is an art as well as a moral act.  A bit of prudishness can, as I have demonstrated countless times(!), help to create that space by nurturing our real conviction that privacy is as essential a right as voting.  


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  1. … when it comes to endless discussions of the illnesses of middle aged ladies, slight or serious.  It horrifies me – unless of course I need to know in order to work well with them.  Once one of my fellow ladies brought in her X-Rays(!) and I put my foot down then.  lol

    Yes, they all got back at me.  But it was worth it.

  2. Jack Sparrow: Clearly, you’ve never been to Singapore…!

    or had a baby. lol

    • Edger on December 4, 2010 at 01:47

    have good imaginations. Or they’re using microscopes.

    • RiaD on December 4, 2010 at 02:46

    & its strange for me to realize i’m saying this…

    i workd for yeeeears as a carpenters helper & OMFSM carpenters don’t talk about anything but their bouts of drinking & fuc sex lives.

    but lately this euphamism for courage has really begun to bother me… to the point where i have spoken up … to virtual strangers!… at dkos & said this wording was not well done. & at times i feel like little miss prude.


    it ain’t fittin, it juss ain’t fittin

    someone at dkos suggested a substitution of juevos

    as that does apply to both genders.

  3. I will try to stay out of this as long as I can stand it. I read through a big long ongoing thread this morning at GOS all about the pro’s and con’s re: “balls” and mostly we were all schooled on how it is “racist” to say the BHO doesnt have balls.

    I just read it, I did not step into the conversation there.

    I dont mind having my consciousness raised and all, but I do feel old, sometimes, I think my generation has a different …oh I dunno…. not just my gen but my gen DFH’s. I mean, there are a few words I do use, but not online, in public, only in close quarters with people in real life who know I am the farthest thing from a {fill in the blank}. I dont expect cyber peeps to know my mind, much less my heart.

    • jamess on December 4, 2010 at 03:03

    there’s always …




    … Eweeeh, II

    and then in another vein …





    … Too much Cowboy, not enough Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

    Well, I’ve always been partial to …

    “taking a Stand”

    “drawing a line in sand”

    “standing on principle”

    and the long lost art of  …

    “I promised my constituents.”

    “The People deserve better.”

    thx NPK for the PC-Effectiveness challenge.

  4. I have to agree that a certain vulgarity has entered the political debate to the detriment of wit and wisdom.  It’s messy to fight with a rapier when your oppenent is wielding a club.

  5. bring yours or others ‘junk’ into it. It really weirded me out when Hillary’s balls were touted as being bigger then Obama’s. now that not a visual I want to conjure up. It also  wasn’t what I would call a good reason to vote for a woman. Kinda made me more sympathetic to Obama. I think were sex crazed in a strange Victorian dead sicky way it’s how we ‘get’ preachers pols and leakers.    

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