Obama Waffles on School of the Americas

By Nikolas Kozlff via Counterpunch.com: http://counterpunch.com/kozlof…

Another potential fly in Obama’s oinment.

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  1. when any pol starts talking evaluate or monitor or the ever evasive and never found ‘legal evidence of wrong doing’ that is as clear as a bell to everyone including them. The pol lawyers can weasel the Law till they are blue in the face and when that doesn’t work they just retroactively change it.    

  2. An Obama spokesman said the senator “has not committed to closing down the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, but he will take a hard look at the program and the progress it has made once he is elected.” The spokesman reiterated Obama was pleased with the institution’s inclusion of human rights courses.


    – Intro to Torture (PE 101)

    – Marginalizing Opposition Parties (Poli Sci 302)

    – Rigging Elections (Stats 203)

    – Liquidating Indigenous Peoples (ROTC)

    – Resource Extraction (Econ 216)

    – Intro to Human Rights (Philosophy 101)*


    *elective (not required)


  3. Obama was a center-right candidate from the beginning, and his rhetoric has always been harsher toward the left and its causes than it ought to have been.  Now that he has secured the Democratic nomination, he no longer feels the need to temper his anti-progressive positions.  Democrats got the candidate they wanted; there’s no point complaining now.

  4. How will the good progressives justify their support of this candidate now?

    Apparently there is nothing he can do to shake their absolute faith in the “lesser of two evils.”

    Welcome to the age of the fundamentalist Democrats.

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