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Inconsolable Losses (personal)

“When you realize how perfect everything is

you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”


I’ve been lucky or blessed maybe. My encounters with death or loss have been extremely few and far between. I lost my parents … pretty much the way it should be… to old age, well into my own adulthood. Blessed be.

When I was young, I hated it when people would accuse me of leading a “sheltered life” but, truth is, I did.  Pretty much. As a result I was rather ill equipped to deal with a lot of life’s little slings and arrows. But… you live and learn. “Tomorrow’s another day” my Mom would always say.

I know what I know

I’ll sing what I said

We come and we go

That’s a thing that I keep

In the back of my head

The legs I wished I had…rest in peace, Cyd.

Style-go ahead talking about style.  

You can tell where a man gets his style just as you can tell where Pavlowa got her legs or Ty Cobb his batting eye.

Carl Sandburg – Chicago Poems

A lotta style. A sexy Soviet secret agent dancer, an old-time movie-gangster glamour moll, the thousand years Scottish-glen mystery woman. An over-the-top beauty with enormous sex appeal and the best legs evahhhh in the business has left the stage.

Anywhere in the universe, except the Andromeda galaxy.

This wrinkle in time, I cant give it no credit
I thought about my space and I really got me down
(got me down)

(excerpted lyrics from Headache – Frank Black)

Madeleine L’Engle would have loved the fact that she died at 88, I think. 88 is an abundant number, and the prime factors are 2x2x2x11.

L’Engle’s Newberry Award-winning A Wrinkle in Time was published in 1962, and this is the 44th year anniversary of her most acclaimed book. 44 is an octahedral number, the factors of which are 2x2x11.