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American Pathocracy: Case study Iraq.

The Ruling Borg of Psychopaths  

“What is missing [in psychopaths], in other words, are the very qualities that allow a human being to live in social harmony.”[  

—  Robert Hare

America’s ruling elite have become extremely and increasingly destructive to social values both at home and abroad, to a degree one must recognize as both criminal and pathological.  

82% of Americans: Clamp down on Wall Street fraud!

How bizarre.  About 8 in 10 Americans want to clamp down on Wall Street’s fraudulent behavior?  


Someone needs to help me understand what in blazes is going on here.  82% is a scary big super-mega-majority.  Where does a really big percentage, like 80% plus, come from?  Did someone pull it out of a hat?  Did someone conjure it from a lamp?  A crystal ball?  Ouija boards?  Playing cards?  Who in the heck is reading the coffee grounds around here?  Where on gawd’s green earth does a number like that come from?

I am appealing to you, the inside dopesters having a strong strain of frustrated idealism and just the right touch of hard-boiled cynicism, to lend me a hypothesis, a conspiracy theory, if you will, of who “we,” the 80% are, and who “they,” the other 20% might be.  Please try to cast your theory in a form that makes it virtually impossible to disprove.  

This could have implications for democracy, and who rules America.