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Breaking: Indian Educ. Advisory Bill Passes In Okla!!!

The last two diaries I did on this are here and here. Breaking news after the fold!

Gov. Henry, Please Sign Indian Educ. Advisory Bill (HB2929)

HB2929 has passed the Oklahoma House and Senate and may now be moving to the Governor’s office for his signature.  It is a historic day for Indian education in Oklahoma. Well done, ALL!!!!!

Now on to Governor Henry for signature. Please take a moment to call or message him with your support.

Telephone: (405) 521-2342

Message to the governor: http://www.governor.state.ok.u…

Mvto Mvto Mvto Mvto!!!!!

Brenda Golden on behalf of:

Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights & Indigenous Traditions

Governor Henry,

As a former constituent and soon to be Oklahoma resident and constituent once more, please allow me to respectfully explain why you should sign the Indian Education Advisory Council bill (HB2929).