Breaking: Indian Educ. Advisory Bill Passes In Okla!!!

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The last two diaries I did on this are here and here. Breaking news after the fold!

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The Governor signed HB 2929 and it becomes effective July 1.  

Thank you to everyone who helped pass the word and who kept up the pressure.  This is indeed a step in the right direction for Oklahoma Indian Education.

Mvto mvto mvto mvto!!!!

Society to Preserve Indigenous Rights & Indigenous Traditions

This is a victory for the ancestors and the 7th Generation, as I wrote in There Was No Centennial for Indian Territory:

But that wasn’t part of the “solution,” Roosevelt squelched Indian Territory’s attempts at having joint statehood with Oklahoma. As the result, there was no Centennial for Indian Territory.


After the introduction of a bill for admitting Indian Territory as the State of Sequoyah sank in Congress in December 1905-January 1906, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt recommended joint statehood.

What was part of the “solution” was a cruel “wedding” between Indian Territory and the State of Oklahoma simultaneously with Oklahoma’s admittance into statehood.


Rev. Dodson: Representing the Indian Territory is Mrs. Anna Bennett of Muskogee.  

(Durant presents Mrs. Bennett to Jones, bows, and steps back.)

Mrs. Bennett: I will.  And to you I present my hand and my fortunes, convinced that  your love is genuine and sincere.

Dodson: Do you, Mr. Oklahoma Territory, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forth, in union as the State of Oklahoma?

To bring this to a close, all of the tribes experienced a Trail of Tears due to the forced relocations; some were more or less severe. However, the tears did not end with the forced relocations. The cruel mock wedding ceremony caused tears; being shut out of the democratic process caused more tears after the denial of duel joint statehood, as did the Dawes Act and all the racism that accompanied it. Simultaneously, the Indian Boarding Schools were working their “solution,” which would continue until approximately 1970, while the forced sterilizations would work their “solution” and end in the mid 1970’s. No Indian, no “problem” for the whites who cut the Indians out of life, democracy, or both.

So, how else would one help eliminate another’s political influence? Don’t let them teach their children the truth, or anyone else’s.  Now, after over a century, there is finally an educational tool to teach the truth about American Indians in Oklahoma.

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