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Resolving to Find the Truth

Just prior to the Republican Convention Veterans For Peace held their annual convention, it to took place in the twin cities area, Minneapolis-St Paul. For those who might be interested you can take a look at some photo’s of the VFP Convention Here and Here

But this isn’t about the VFP Convention, it’s about what came out of.

Veterans For Peace adopted two resolutions last week effectively firing signal flares into the path of whoever wins this November’s election, regardless of party.



“Leave No Soldier”

A feature length documentary directed, produced and co-written by Donna Bassin,

an official selection of the 2008 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

“LEAVE NO SOLDIER,” Tells the story of two impassioned journeys by two communities of American War Veterans who have carried a Military Oath from the Battlefield

to the home front. The two groups are divided by their politics, but united in their devotion to dead comrades and their compassionate commitment

to “Leave No Fallen Soldier Behind”.

Veterans call for Impeachment

Veterans For Peace presented 22,000 signatures calling for Bush impeachment to Rep. Conyers (D-MI)

The Real News Network Video

{They haven’t transfered the video over to their YouTube site as of yet}

Why is Peace Not Patriotic?

That’s the question asked by The Real News Network

Back on Thursday, May 15, 2008 I asked a question as well: PEACE Is A Political Statement?.


Veterans dissing veterans on Memorial Day

As the United States prepares to remember its war dead on Memorial Day, some veterans who want to remember their fallen comrades with a wish for peace are being barred from participating in official events.  

Two chapters of Veterans for Peace, one in Washington state and one in Washingtgon, D.C., have been banned from parades.

In both cases,VFP was told it could not participate because the organization is “too political.”  That is the same reason that others have given for barring Veterans for Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War from Veterans Day parades and activities.

What is particularly sad is that those who exclude them are often veterans themselves, with some misguided sense of patriotism.


Winter Soldierizing

The following comes from Jack Dresser, Ph.D., Behavioral Scientist, Co-founder, Lane County Veterans for Peace: Capt., US Army (psychologist, Vietnam era)

Squadron 13 ; Veterans Against Torture via  G.I. Special-Military Project, Volume: 6B Issue: 16 Ft. Dix, you can read it in Word or in PDF for the rest of the News Letter.


NC Veterans Talk Peace

VFP, and others, will have Another Radio Program to Stream on the Internet, besides “About Face” from Chapter 075 out of Phoenix, on Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm EST, Chapter 099 out of Asheville NC will give it a go as well on WPVM – The Progressive Voice of the Mountains.

Tune In

Message to Military Veterans of Peace

Saturday Jan. 12th Radio Tribute to Dave Cline


Tune in to the radio tribute to David Cline on WBAI 99.5 FM in New York on Saturday, January 12, Noon – 3 PM EST {WBAI is streamed live over the Internet in multiple formats:

MP3: 24K or 64K or .ram

OGG: 24K or 64K

See WBAI Stream

Fascism Absurdity! (Updated)

Nick Egnatz, of Munster, Indiana, is a Vietnam vet, an articulate non-stop Veterans for Peace activist, and a formative member of the NW Indiana Coalition Against the Iraq War.  His group marched in the Chicago Rally and was part of the group appearing and speaking at Federal Plaza.

At any rate, I just received the following Press Release from him and read it in near disbelief.  The Press Release speaks for itself.

There’s more:

Kucinich up to 7% in NH! Is there a move afoot? w/poll

The latest Rasmussen poll has Dennis tied for 4th place with Bill Richardson at 7%.  While not up there with the big three, it’s movement in the right direction, and there’s time to make up the difference.  It will be interesting to see the reaction after the debate coming up.

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