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New Year’s Eve Light Show

Sparkle Plenty

Another year comes to an end.  To tell the truth, I have trouble discerning what makes this New Year’s Eve any better than the last one.  Having seen 61 of them, I’ll estimate that I’ve been somewhat politically aware for about 50 of them…and very few have seemed to bring a better year.  And when there have been years that have been better, it has only been in some ways, not in all, and the improvement has been best measured by a micrometer.

So we start each year with glitz and glamor, hoping against hope that our dreams for a better world will bear some fruit.

Who am I to break such a tradition?

So herewith is my own attempt at a distracting you from any pains you may feel with shiny objects.

Resolving to Find the Truth

Just prior to the Republican Convention Veterans For Peace held their annual convention, it to took place in the twin cities area, Minneapolis-St Paul. For those who might be interested you can take a look at some photo’s of the VFP Convention Here and Here

But this isn’t about the VFP Convention, it’s about what came out of.

Veterans For Peace adopted two resolutions last week effectively firing signal flares into the path of whoever wins this November’s election, regardless of party.

New Years Resolution For 08: IMPEACH!

Rose Parade 08 in Pasadena

had a dose of reality this year with the help of the White Rose Coalition and LANIC (Los Angeles National Impeachment Center) protesting to call for the impeachment of Cheney and Bush.

Video by Voice of Americans 2008