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What the Fuck ?

Kos has prohibited discussions of fundamentally important issues like 9/11 and the impact of Diebold voting machines on elections.  He slandered Impeachment diaries as Impeachment porn.  So in his view, the Constitution must be democracy porn.

Progressives disgusted by that still post there because other progressives disgusted by that still post there.

That’s brilliant thinking.  Very inspiring.

Progressives who still post on Daily Kos make me sick.  Don’t fucking talk to me about the high traffic there, it’s the high traffic of hypocrites who talk about principle but never take a stand on principle.    

This isn’t complicated.

Daily Kos deserves no progressive traffic.

I Guess I’m Banned, Unless I Acknowledge (Updated)

This is SO weird!  I am a 54 year old Vietnam Era Vet, career federal employee now retired after 29 years, father, grandfather, brother, and all around good guy.  At least most of the time.  Sometimes, my inner anarchist and CTer comes out and I say things I obviously shouldn’t.   Consider today for instance.  

It was a typical morning.  I woke, got some coffee and turned on the internet. Read a little news, then starting perusing blogs.  I saw a diary on DK titled “FBI Whistleblower says Neocons Negotiated Iraq Invasion with Foreign Agents in Summer 2001”.  


In a particularly egregioius momemt of insensibility, I responded to the following comment:

“Well, if you go by Some of the more interesting detailing and wording in the Project For the New American Century, as well as the infamous Rumsfeld napkin writing to the CIA….this opens up one hell of a Pandora’s Box…and I’ll just leave it at that”

with this:

“Ahem.  Quite interesting that 9/11 happened not long after this.”

I didn’t think anything about it and went about my day.  Later in the afternoon I went back on DK and noticed a reply to my comment from Meteor Blades.  

“Edmond’s comments do not include saying that 9/11 was an inside job. And you shouldn’t be saying that on this site either if you want to keep posting here.”

Well, that just irked me.  Good grief MB, grow a spine for criss sakes.  So I responded back in my best diplomatic manner:

“Ban me for that statement?  Go ahead, I’d be proud”.  

No more than ten minutes later I got the notice:

2009-09-23 19:20:03

If you write commentary expressing a MIHOP or LIHOP theory, you will be banned. It’s a longstanding rule. Four months ago, people weren’t even warned about it. Now we give a single warning. This is yours.

I understand the above warning (posting is no longer allowed until this is acknowledged).

First off, unless I acknowledge, it does appear I’m banned, which really means I haven’t been given a single warning.  I have no history of CTism on DK.  I’ve thought I’ve been a fairly good contributor all things considered.  Sometimes I’ll play along the edges like with the statement I made today.  But I don’t see where that statement I made today is at all detrimental to that blog.  

So I have a decision, to acknowledge or not to acknowledge, that is the question.  My inner being is telling me to not acknowledge that sort of bullshit.  It just seems like giving in to the man.  I don’t give in to the man.  Interesting isn’t it, DK has become the “man”.  At least to me.  

UPDATE:  Here’s what I’ve concluded.  To acknowledge this warning or reprimand for my behavior would be the same as acknowledging I went over the line of the rules established.  I didn’t.  Not only that, but the same thing happening everywhere is happening on DK, the continued oppression of anything.  So I can’t accept it.  Therefore, I will not “acknowledge” and I will have been banned from Daily Kos for saying this (without previous history of “bad behavior”):

“Ahem, quite interesting that 9/11 happened not long after this.”  

I can’t explain it any better.  

My Sessions/Sotomayor/Annie Hall Kos Diary mentioned by KO

After reading Steve Benen about Sonia Sotomayor’s humiliation of Jeff Sessions today involving Judge Çedarbaum, I immediately thought of “Annie Hall” the Movie– McLuhan Scene, so I quickly wrote a brief diary on Kos linking to that legendary scene.

I was honored to be rec’d and then saw that Olbermann mentioned it and my nom de blog on Countdown.

I have achieved my Warholian 15 minutes of pseudonymous fame.  (If only it meant I could retire.)

Here’s the link to the diary.

SEIU ads on Dkos

If you've been to DKos today, you've probably already heard about this. But if you haven't, I thought this needed to be pointed out. Right now, at the top of the Rec List, is a diary by flitedocnm discussing something strange going on. Seems that every diary dealing with health care issues, or at least the ones that have tags like “health care”, etc., are being hit with an auto-appended ad.

The ad is from SEIU, and of course is asking to be clicked, and their agenda supported. The problem is, this ad is placed in such a position that it looks like the diarist placed it there intentionally. But in reality the ad is being placed there automatically. It's obvious the ad is being placed there through some programming technique, but what isn't so clear is WHY. Of course part of the answer to “why” is to increase ad revenue, but the other issue is whether the “right or wrong” of this was thought out in advance.

I'm still waiting to see how the site admins, or Markos himself, responds to the complaints about this… and believe me, there are LOTS of complaints, running maybe 95% against. I'm not dumping on DKos, because as of right now it's not clear whether anyone realized how offensive people were gonna find this. I'm hoping they'll come back with, “What was I thinking?!”, and fix the problem. But if it's some new site policy where they can put up an ad anywhere they want, even if it makes it look like the diarist is supporting that ad's agenda, then there's of course a serious problem with that. I feel it's no different than editing the text of a diary or a comment to make it appear that the writer said something he/she didn't. Well, maybe not quite as bad, but still not good… not good at all.

Again, the main reason I'm writing this is not to dump on DKos. It's got a lot of good things going for it, and I don't plan on leaving there anytime soon (if I have any say in it). But there are obviously some issues about that site that get people riled up, and I wanted to give you all a heads up in case this turns into another one.

Of course by the time you read this, it's entirely possible that Markos or someone else will have fixed this, and the whole point of this little rant will become pretty moot. I hope that's what happens.

UPDATE: Just wanted to make it clear I'm not taking a position on SEIU or their healthcare stance. As far as I can tell, they're pretty close to where we want to be (public single-payer option), but not perfect. Regardless, that's not the point. Even if it was Amnesty International, GreenPeace, the ACLU (all of which I completely support), or whatever, it still wouldn't be right to append their ad onto a person's diary and make it look like that person supported the cause, when they may or they may NOT. 


This is my home now. May I rest in peace, .. or not.

*** Please note, that I checked with Budhy prior to posting this, and while he had not seen nor approved the actual content, he ageed that a banning that recently took place at Daily Kos, is worthy of discussion.***

Well, Markos at DailyKos has banned “ToquedeVille”, for his diary urging further examination of the events of September 11. It was NOT a CT diary (sorry, no link handy, and I refuse to ever visit DKos again). It was instead, a well written treatise urging an re-examination of the events that took place that day. If any group came under critical comment in the diary, it was the Bush regime for their well documented malfeasance before, during, and after the events. Still, Markos banned Toque. Why?

I have a distinct feeling that Markos was urged to ban Toque by a very specific group of people. This group, no matter how benign the discussion might be, if 9/11 (and certain other international issues) are a part of the diary, they (and if you look at the comments surrounding this travesty, you’ll easily be able to discern who “they” are) are there to terrorize any and all commenters, and the diarist. These people are obsessed, rude, and out of line. They have a primary interest, one I share, but I DO NOT share their fascistic methods of dealing with it. I am of them, but not one of them…. I don’t know how else to put it. And yes, I am being purposely cryptic.

This clique, a growing and powerful one, from the “front page” through the diaries, appears to be trying and control the subjects presented at DKos, and how they are discussed. They have a “primary interest” in doing so, one not everyone shares, thankfully. OK, that may seem a bit CT in and of itself, but I’ve been active at DKos for over 5 years (UID – 5***), and before that, a “Front Pager” at Democratic Underground. I am over 60, a journalism major, and former newspaperman, among other things.

I know when something stinks.

Now, this diary may seem like so many sour grapes, and perhaps this is not the right venue for it, but I am someone who cannot tolerate the “group think” that now pervades DKos, and think it worthy of protest, here, and elsewhere. If you care/dare to further zero into this matter, visit DKos and check out my latest, and forever final, comments (same screen name, “Hornito”), ….if they are still there (ie, haven’t been censored). You can also see the hundreds of comments in the thread from other people who protested this latest “McCarthyite” like action.

OK, enough of that. I have been watching this site for some time as well, and particularly Buhdy’s efforts, which I have long supported, to bring justice to the Bush cabal. Those efforts are to be complimented and encouraged. That’s why I am here, and here I shall remain. That said, I sincerely hope that I can add to the site, and that you won’t find my comments too offensive, now, or in the future.

Just posted a diary on DKos that you might enjoy regarding DH

I don’t come here often anymore, even knowing that it’s a good crowd, mostly because I have found I have a hell of a time monitoring more than one web site in real time.  But occasionally I post something at DKos that I think people here will enjoy.  This is one of those times.

Mastering the Incredible Adjustable Houle Hoop!


Most conservatives and some liberals — pay attention to those words “most” and “some,” because they will become important later on! — prefer to argue in generalities, both in terms of whom they attack and the grounds on which they attack them, because that makes it easier both to hurl charges and to defend oneself from countercharges later on.

If you’re reading this manual, it is probably because you have just been given a Houle Hoop — the device that makes this tactic easier!  You will learn below how to deploy your Houle Hoop so that it can be adjusted as often as needed to ensure that people will be dazzled by your ability to avoid contradiction for any claim you make!

Obama’s Statement on FISA

McJoan has it up at big orange obama all the time.  It’s a doozy:

China, Tibet and A Tale of Two Women

There is still no word regarding the whereabouts of Jamyang Kyi, the Tibetan journalist, singer and author who has been detained by Chinese authorities according to her husband:

Her husband, Lamao Jia, told The Associated Press she was first detained on April 1 and has not been seen since April 7. He said he didn’t know who had taken his wife into custody.

link: http://ap.google.com/article/A…

Described as “apolitical”, Jamyang Kyi focuses on the issues of Tibetan culture and women’s rights. This YouTube gives on a flavor of the type of creative work she produces:

Reporters Without Borders has issued a statement calling on the European Union to intercede on her behalf: http://www.rsf.org/article.php…

While Jamyang Kyi uses the language of song to try to build cultural understanding, Duke University student Grace Wang, from Qingdao, China, attempted to use the language of reconciliation and understanding to bridge the gap between pro-Tibet and pro-China groups on campus.

She is now the victim of a vicious online attack for speaking out.

This does the left no good.

Looks like Moulitsas still can’t let go of the paranoid “Clinton darkened Obama in her ad” conspiracy theory.

Look, I dislike Hillary Clinton as much as any true Progressive, but this has got to stop.  There are plenty of things the senator says and does in this campaign that are worthy of criticism, but engaging in this sort of unsubstantiated speculation and attack really only hurts two things: Obama’s campaign, and Left Blogsylvania.

It hurts Obama’s campaign because it makes his followers and, by association, the candidate himself, look like they’re hiding behind his race.  Similarly, it hurts Left Blogsylvania because it makes us look like a bunch of delusional kooks who probably haven’t been laid in ages (if ever) and from whom candidates can’t distance themselves fast enough.  Substantive posts like this one end up being ignored or marginalized, because of the association with what is perceived to be a group of utter loons.

I respectfully advise Markos Moulitsas and his band of bloggers to please give it a rest.  Dig up what you can on Clinton; Lord only knows she deserves it.  But don’t let your zeal for exposing her overtake common sense and better judgment.  Or sanity.  Especially sanity.

On Who’s Important in Blogging. w/poll

This was originally posted here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/… which is why it refers to DKos, but I think it applies everywhere.

The DailyKos Widget

I created this widget as a contribution to the DailyKos community. When you place the widget on your Blog or social network page you will have a handy rotating display of headlines from DailyKos. So will all of your site’s visitors.

The widget is free and easy to install. Just click the “Get & Share” button at the bottom of the widget and select a service from those displayed. Or you can select “Embed” to get the code to paste onto your page. That’s it!

I am presenting this as a sort of proof of concept. It can be replicated for any web site with an RSS feed (including this one). It could also use mixed feeds. And there are many ways to alter the look, feel, and purpose. Think creatively.

Hopefully, technology like this can be used to expand the reach of alternative media. It can spread important messages to the many corners of the InterTubes™. Given the state of the media, we all need to think of ways to multiply our voices, and the creative use of widgets is one way to do that.

If you like this widget, you can get more information here.

Do we REALLY want change?

One of the key buzzwords of this Presidential race is change. The voices of change cumulated in a Democratic victory in 2006, and since then, the voices of change have only gotten louder and louder. Supposedly. And yet, when we look at the front-runners for the election, we see that the conventional candidates — Hillary Clinton and John McCain — are poised to take the nomination starting with Super Tuesday. A showing below 15% in South Carolina could doom John Edwards, while both Hillary and John McCain are leading by substantial margins in California. While the Republican primary is a lot messier than the Democratic primary, it seems that with his wins in South Carolina and Louisiana, Mike Huckabee’s home turf, it seems that McCain is an odds-on favorite to take over the Republican nomination.

This brings us to the question of change — do we really want change? The buzzword of this election has been change, yet we see the two establishment candidates, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, establishing themselves as frontrunners in the primary. It seems that people on both parties say that they want change, yet saying that they want change and actually having the courage to vote for change are two different things. It is a lot like a bad relationship — we say that we want to break up, yet when it comes time to actually do it, it is much more comfortable to stay in the relationship than it is to make a clean break and start over. We say that we don’t like where we are and want to move and make a fresh start; however, when it comes down to do it, we are more afraid of the unknown than we are of staying in a bad situation.  

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