This does the left no good.

Looks like Moulitsas still can’t let go of the paranoid “Clinton darkened Obama in her ad” conspiracy theory.

Look, I dislike Hillary Clinton as much as any true Progressive, but this has got to stop.  There are plenty of things the senator says and does in this campaign that are worthy of criticism, but engaging in this sort of unsubstantiated speculation and attack really only hurts two things: Obama’s campaign, and Left Blogsylvania.

It hurts Obama’s campaign because it makes his followers and, by association, the candidate himself, look like they’re hiding behind his race.  Similarly, it hurts Left Blogsylvania because it makes us look like a bunch of delusional kooks who probably haven’t been laid in ages (if ever) and from whom candidates can’t distance themselves fast enough.  Substantive posts like this one end up being ignored or marginalized, because of the association with what is perceived to be a group of utter loons.

I respectfully advise Markos Moulitsas and his band of bloggers to please give it a rest.  Dig up what you can on Clinton; Lord only knows she deserves it.  But don’t let your zeal for exposing her overtake common sense and better judgment.  Or sanity.  Especially sanity.


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  1. it, along with normal, gave up a long time ago.

  2. weighed in on Big Orange to conclude that there was some purposeful manipulation. Markos by himself didn’t make it, but video editors and graphic artists have confirmed it. You may argue that it’s not worth making that big a deal out of, since there are many substantive issues in which Clinton has covered herself in slime, but really, I’ll take the professionals’ word on that one.

  3. I denounce and reject obsessing on that whole ad foolishness.  And I did not click on the links because I will not add to the site hits and reward bad behavior.

    • RUKind on March 14, 2008 at 06:35

    I don’t see where they’ll come to their collective senses any time soon. They’re so far pverboard they started turning me aginst Obama just for the sake of being against their barely disguised hate of Hillary. She doesn’t deserve that. Then again, she should throw Penn, Wolfson and the hubby under the bus. Along with Geraldine.

    Oh, Geraldine is already under it. Could Obama’s mentor be next?

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