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I think I found it!

buhdy says there is no key, but I might have picked it up on a side street! I’m not sure if it’ll fit in the lock, but it just might. So I would like your help and your feedback, if you can spare a few minutes to read this today.

Last night, in a fit of SheKos mania (wherein I examined all the diaries I had missed), I rejoined Dkos. It really sucks to have to un-GBCW. 🙂

But you guys have taught me a ton of shit in the sad little 5 days that I was away. The wool is no longer pulled over my eyes. And I have been hashing it out all morning on the GOS with Obama supporters who keep using extremist language and, in effect, putting words in my mouth.

And then it kind of hit me, like a ton of bricks: THEY TOTALLY NEED US! We don’t fucking need them. I mean, the country is in the shitter as it is – seriously, how much worse can it get? Not much. Come reelection time, some of us Dharma Bums will vote for President Obama again, some of us will stay home, and some of us will go indie/3rd party. And if they want the prez to get reelected, they’re going to need to learn how to kiss our collective ass.

WE’RE the ones in power. HA HA! SCORE!