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My $11,000,000 Book: Excerpts From Chapter 2

(I’m so very pleased and also proud to continue bringin’ ya some excerpts from my soon-to-be released book there.  In addition to publishing these excerpts, I’ve been helpin’ Todd build a trophy case for my inevitable Nobel Prize for literature.  Hey, if Obama won it for peace I can win it for literature, right?  Also we’re makin’ the trophy case extra big in case a Pulitzer or Peabody should come my way.

If you haven’t read Excerpts from Chapter One, go and read it this instant!  If ya haven’t read Chapter One first, Chapter Two will just seem like a bunch of nonsensical gibberish.  I mean, gosh, ya wouldn’t start watchin’ a hockey game in the second period, would ya?  Then again, based on the ratings nobody is watchin’ the first or third periods of hockey games either…(sigh)…remind me to make hockey game viewership mandatory when I get to be President.

So let’s get the ball rollin’ with Chapter Two, a behind-the-scenes look at my meteoric rise in Alaska politics, takin’ on the ol’ establishment there like a pit bull wearin’ lipstick . . .)