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My $11,000,000 Book: Excerpts From Chapter 1

(I’m so very pleased and also proud to be excerptin’ some thoughts from my runaway best-sellin’ book to be released next month.  I decided to release it before Thanksgiving so there wouldn’t be any repeat of last year’s turkey-pardoning incident that would have to be added to my book.

And so I wish to premiere my book writin’ skills right here on the ol’ blogosphere at Docudharma.  You may wonder why I chose this awful blog full of liberal hippie socialist tree-huggers for a sneak peek at my new book.  It’s simple.  Who needs salvation more than Docudharma?  Sure, I could publish it at RedState where it would be received like starbursts, but that’s like shootin’ moose in a barrel.

My book begins with Chapter 1, a behind-the-scenes look at my childhood and early adult years, in which a strictly non-socialist upbringing began to form the sharp political mind you now see from my Twittering.  This was a time of innocence, when the evils of Obama’s death panels were but a distant glint of the ol’ future there . . .)