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Maybe, ‘Farming’ the Wind and Sun, CAN Work?

Wind Farm Makes Money While Rancher Sleeps

Grover, CO – CBS4 — Jan 25, 2008

Rancher George Ehmke said he was eager to be part of the wind project.

“Never dreamed we’d ever have anything like this out here,” Ehmke said. “We have been putting up with this wind all our life. We might as well make something off of it.”

There are 35 massive turbines now perched on his land. The blades spin almost constantly.


Old time ranchers had one use for the wind — to fill their stock ponds.

“Well we live in a changing world,” Ehmke said. “I’m just glad to see it. We’re using the wind for something besides pumping water.”


Ehmke said his payout from producing wind power will keep his family’s ranch profitable for the next generation.

“Yeah, I make money in my sleep I guess,” he said.

Nice ‘Work’, eh? … if you can get it.

Imagine a 350 World — It IS Possible!

350 is more than a catchy slogan —

350 is a target Ceiling for a very good reason:

that reason:

+6 C

325 or 300 ppm, of worldwide CO2 levels,

would be more like what the world really needs!

Alas, what is an Oil and Coal addicted Planet to do?!?

1) Get educated

2) Don’t lose hope

3) Do YOUR part — No one else, can do that …