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Off With Their Heads! {added edit}

I will be working (at home) today providing an assist to my Teacher (Musician) husband as he prepares to start what he refers to as his “War Room”… i.e. job hunting. He is still employed, but, word is getting around and all the staff at his school are brushing up their resumes.


When I read this headline (& story) at Common Dreams, I just guffawed. I admit I don’t really quite know how to guffaw but I think I just did.

Obama’s Idea of Education Reform? Fire All the Teachers

Central Falls {Rhode Island} Thrust into School Reform Forefront

snip snip snip to the end:

As of Wednesday morning, 88 teachers, along with the high school’s administrative team, faced their own uncertainty. All 93 were sent letters of termination.

WIN! Hannity’s guest calls his lies “Idiotic”!

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Caroline Heldman:     “End of life counselling does not constitute death panels.”

Hannity:     “It does to me”

Caroline Heldman:    “That is an idiotic reading of that . . . ”

Hannity:     “I’m an idiot?”

     Pretty much the definition of an idiot is someone who, if you call their ideas idiotic to their face, says something stupid like “I’m an idiot?”

     No, Sean, you’re a freakin genius!


The transcript and more below teh stupid fold