WIN! Hannity’s guest calls his lies “Idiotic”!

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Caroline Heldman:     “End of life counselling does not constitute death panels.”

Hannity:     “It does to me”

Caroline Heldman:    “That is an idiotic reading of that . . . ”

Hannity:     “I’m an idiot?”

     Pretty much the definition of an idiot is someone who, if you call their ideas idiotic to their face, says something stupid like “I’m an idiot?”

     No, Sean, you’re a freakin genius!


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    In an interview where Sean Hannity is outraged, outraged I tells ya! that President would dare to call lies (translated by Fox as objections) what they are, lies. In defense, Hannity drags out all those classic hits from the Big Book of Health Care Reform lies, but his guest, Caroline Heldman of Occidental University, won’t put up with Sean’s bullshit. She calls his lies lies (shock) and tells Sean his is an “idiotic argument”

Hannity:     “When he (Obama) said tonight, if you misrepresent this plan we will call you out, and then, basically, he used the term liars! He said if you lie abou. . . ”

Caroline Heldman:     “It doesn’t mean he (inaudible) . . ”

Hannity:     “So everybody, if we can’t have a disagreement over the medicare he was willing to cut, the original plan, we can’t have a disagreement on whether this covers abortion or how we’re gonna pay for this, or whether or not it’s revenue nuetral, as he claims, all of that means we’re all lying because we read it differently than him?”

     Hmmm, let’s see, Health Care Reform might/will cover abortions? Lie.

     Health Care Reform will take away your medicare? Lie.

     Health Care Reform will run up the deficit? Lie.

      Here’s the thing you don’t get, Sean, or rather, the thing you seek to avoid. No one, I honestly think no one in the health care discussion who is working towards a solution is trying to avoid a conversation about the issue. But Sean hannity isn’t interested in facts, or reform, or even, well, anything. His mind is set on NO! and if lies will help him get there, lies is what he’ll use. So, here’s the thing Sean, it’s not the objections or questions anyone has a problem with, it’s the lies in the conversation that will get you called out for being a liar.

      But then, Sean doesn’t realize that because he is a lying idiot.

Caroline Heldman:     “No, I think he’s (Obama) refering to the outright lies about death panels and other distortions, and Sean, I think this is exactly . . . ”

Hannity:     “Oh, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, in the House bill, they did have end of life counseling.”

Caroline Heldman:     “End of life counselling does not constitute death panels.”

Hannity:     “It does to me”

Caroline Heldman:    “That is an idiotic reading of that, and, plain and simple. ”

Hannity:     “I’m an idiot?”

    No Sean, you’re a freakin genius, there are death panels in Obama’s health care reform plan, and in fact, that’s where all the new jobs are going to come form. I was thisclose to getting one of those cushy death panel Government jobs, but thanks to your brilliant reporting and tireless efforts to uncover the facts millions of Americans and inncoent insurance companies will be saved, you super genius you.

Caroline Heldman:     “Sean, I. . .

Hannity:     “Read the book ‘Your Life, Your Choices’ that are vets are read in VA hospotals.”

     Back to the lying, those “arguments” you have the right to raise and not be called out on by that meany, ole President Obama.

     You might remember the “Your Life, your Choice” lie as the evil “Death Book” plan to get our soldiers to kill themselves because it would cost government money to make them healthy, because Government run health care is cruel and money hungry, unlike those kind, caring, compassionate for profit health insurers.

     Of course, that bullshit was knocked down by Representative and Senate Candidate Joe Sestak, who is the highest ranking member of the military in Congress today, who stated that he was “Outraged.” and was quoted as saying ” I think it is absolutly inexcusable to even begin to put any type of fear into veterans that this book is other than it is, a very sane and sensible guide for individuals to walk through and think through issues like living wills . . .”

     Damn that Obama, how dare he trick George W. Bush into putting this dasterdly plan into place just so he could twist it into a diabolicial scheme to create a death book that will go along with your death panel to create this lovely death tea time set that you can use to entertain your death panel guests.

     Another instance of brilliant reporting by that super genius, Sean Hannity, who, disguised as mild mannered Fox News reporter Sean Hannity, fights intelligence, fact and truth as the super genius super hero, Sean Hannity.

    Thankfully, Caroline Heldman knocks it out of the park at the end of the interview, in regards to end of life counselling, or, as idiots like to refer to them, “Death Panels”

Caroline Heldman:     “Sean, end of life counselling is something that we should all have, and that the fact that the Government, uh, in a Government sponsored plan would pay for it, I think that’s a wonderful thing.”

Hey, Hannity, here is the definition of lies, for idiots.



1. To present false information with the intention of deceiving.

2. To convey a false image or impression

    Of course a News Corporation/Fox News talking head would object to being called out about lying about things. Hell, without lies they’d have nothing to talk about!

My nomination today goes to Caroline Heldman, Best Person In The World!

    And as for Sean Hannity, well, it’s just easier to call him an idiot.


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  1. and a lying idiot at that.


    • RUKind on September 11, 2009 at 05:30

    Under Gerald Ford the R-prop was Whip Inflation Now. It was in the teens at the time post-Nam. I suppose these days we could rewrite it as Whip Idiots Now and bring the buttons back out.

    My arms are already tired just thinking about who to start with. So here’s a question: which idiot should be the first to be publicly pilloried?

    Maybe we can auction them off like a charity fundraiser.

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