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TBC: Morning Musing 8.27.14

So, I was surfing around the net yesterday and I happened upon this masterpiece of right wing wet dreamery at Red State Daily Kos. Seems Robert Reich, former Clinton Secy of Labor, had a short brainfart the other day where he suggested that we should eliminate the corporate tax in favor of caps gains taxes. I think maybe Reich may have started being a morning tippler, or maybe he didn’t quite think it through or some sort of similar lapse. Anyway it was all of 3 paragraphs long.

Of course, this was music to former GOPer cum gate crasher cum Dem Party neoliberal gate polisher and blog owner’s ears. In his zealous embrace of the idea, he even seemingly managed to forget copyright and posted 2/3rds of the entire missive. He brought up being able to hire more employees on the money he’d get to keep. The whole post had a rather gleeful feel to it.


Through The Looking-Glass

The whole smoke and mirrors act that’s going on over there is an attempt at consolidation of the Democratic Party’s takeover of the Republican Party’s one time position at center-right and fully conservative on the political spectrum. This has in fact happened, and is being glaringly highlighted almost daily by the conservative positions the Obama administration has taken.

1. War Maintenance. Pull-down in Iraq is made up for by expansion in Afghanistan. This way the MIC and war profiteers can keep the money flowing.

2. Domestic Spying/Decimation of the Bill of Rights. Nothing has changed, Obama’s got DoJ defending illegal policies of the Bush admin.

3. Energy Non-Policy. Huge new subsidies to coal, nuclear and petroleum/natural gas industries, pittance for renewables or necessary infrastructure (grid replacement).

4. Women’s Rights. Under the bus right at the HIR starting gate.

5. GLBT Rights. No one’s allowed to talk about it – Don’t ask, Don’t tell.

6. Nuclear Slouch. Too sloppy to be called “policy,” Obama has authorized the production of new nuclear weapons and the new START is a joke. He’s still wasting trillions (when the accounting’s done) on a missile defense system that can’t be made to work and couldn’t prevent an attack if it did work.

Dear MetaJesus…

Holy cow! I am moving slow this morning. Er… afternoon. Better (a relative term) in my ongoing bout with Unicorn flu, a little – actually, a lot – slow on the uptake. So it’s taken me all day to get through the diaries and sub-diaries and associated diaries on DKos about the Un-Americans, the Kos Un-American Activities Committee, and the Anti-Un-Amerikan free-for-all. LOL!!! Something to brighten a sunny Sunday recovery day of total loafing.

Sheesh! For the first time since I was summarily banned for posting a diary back in April suggesting that CDC’s very odd classification of the Mexico flu as a novel chimera might have something to say about its origin, I am very glad I no longer count myself “Kossack.” Or, they no longer count me. Whatever, I’m appreciating the glaring absurdity.