Dear MetaJesus…

Holy cow! I am moving slow this morning. Er… afternoon. Better (a relative term) in my ongoing bout with Unicorn flu, a little – actually, a lot – slow on the uptake. So it’s taken me all day to get through the diaries and sub-diaries and associated diaries on DKos about the Un-Americans, the Kos Un-American Activities Committee, and the Anti-Un-Amerikan free-for-all. LOL!!! Something to brighten a sunny Sunday recovery day of total loafing.

Sheesh! For the first time since I was summarily banned for posting a diary back in April suggesting that CDC’s very odd classification of the Mexico flu as a novel chimera might have something to say about its origin, I am very glad I no longer count myself “Kossack.” Or, they no longer count me. Whatever, I’m appreciating the glaring absurdity.

I’m actually fine with where DKos has gone. It has followed the game plan laid out so well by Markos and Jerome in “Crashing The Gate” with surprising vigor. Now that the gates have been successfully crashed, defense of the new status quo is the requisite self-definition of the remaining community effort. Heck, I’m so far left on the political spectrum that my politics reflect something real about me – I think there’s room in the marketplace of ideas and ideology for all comers, that the good, bad and ugly get sorted out by individuals in an open exchange better than in a rigid orthodoxy imposed from the outside.

IOW, I’m a believer in the spirit that created and developed this country, even though I have some serious issues with how it was done and how it’s going now. I don’t want others deciding for me what I can see or read, what I must or must not believe, how I must or must not think. As a Navy brat and Navy wife who has done her share of suffering for the patriotic cause (even when we had no choice, and the average age of casualties in their non-mercenary dirty big wars was 19), I do have sympathy with those who don’t think it’s okay to desert one’s country in times of crisis. As a humanitarian who has lived long enough to have seen and experienced a lot, I don’t think it’s a good thing to reject in toto the reasons others have for deciding to abandon their country if things get bad enough (for them). And as someone who was born in a foreign country I remember nothing about, I have a lot of sympathy for the idea that one’s automatic citizenship and subsequently required loyalties are mostly bullshit propagated by the nefarious ‘other’. We’re all victims of an accident of birth. Get over it.

And as I get older and more necessary changes don’t happen no matter what We the People want, the more “necessary” it becomes that I will have to leave this country finally because life will be worse here for me than it would be elsewhere. IOW, I might become an expat someday. Maybe sooner than later. Remains to be seen (and lived).

But wow. The concern trolls over there have become positively malignant (the 200K+ crowd of erstwhile enforcers). Worse even than I’ve seen ’em get during primaries or I/P wars. Purges. Puh.

All good things eventually come to an end. It’s always a shame, but no less inevitable. So I’ll just take this opportunity to once again thank Buhdy and Docudharma for providing me this nice cushion to break my fall from ‘mainstream’ grace, for welcoming me to a forum where my thoughts and opinions on issues that affect us (or just me) don’t get me “purged” by wannabe mind-tyrants of the most insulting variety possible.

I love you guys. §;o)


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    • Joy B. on August 30, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    …and getting over it (I’ve had worse)…

  1. football season soon.

  2. How’d you get the Senate to give up on the public option?

  3. So, what else is new?  Everything for so long now has been sad!

    But, truly, I am saddened by your decision, although, I truly understand your mental/psychological position, I am, nonetheless, saddened.

    If you are fortunate enough to truly reside elsewhere, then I wish you my blessings — I think anyone who is able or can take that course should attempt to do so!  It is so obvious, right now, that this country is headed into a 3rd world country.  Serfs, yes, you can bet!

    I hope you will rejoin us from time to time and I wish you and yours the very best.  Your contributions and insights have been/are extremely enlightening and appreciated!

    Thanks, Joy B.

    • Inky99 on August 31, 2009 at 7:28 am

    Because idiocy rate was growing daily, to the point where I couldn’t stand it anyway.

    That place reminds me of high school, but unfortunately there are still a half-dozen or so really great people there.  I wish they’d just all move over here and forget that place, but I understand wanting a bigger audience for your stuff.

    For some reason I didn’t know you were banned, too.   Good for you!

    Yeah, I wrote a diary (god I hate that term) over there about the suspicious origins of the pig flu, and mine wasn’t even very CT at all, it was all about the disgusting pools of feces and pits filled with dead decaying pigs at the Smithfield pig farm and Mexico and these people came out of the WOODWORK like you would not believe attacking me for daring to suggest that a nasty virus may have originated in giant pools of pig feces and pits of dead decaying pigs!

    How DARE I suggest such a thing was possible!

    It was just fucking WEIRD.

  4. Democracy Troll.

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