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When Is A Lobbyist Not A Lobbyist?

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Answer: When it’s a Republican former governor shilling for fracking. It takes a comedian to nail former Governor Tom Ridge (R-PA) trying to say he’s not a lobbyist and cover up the dangers of fracking.

Rachel interviews Tom Ridge 09/01/09

Rachel interviews Tom Ridge

I can’t believe they have the clips up this fast already. That was fast.

had to share, I know alot of you dharmadawgs dont “do” teevee. heh. edger, check out the one with Iraq in the topic title.

egads. on youtube too, embed below…

More on Failed and Criminal Government {UpDated w/video’s reports}

More of the cheney/bush/republican congress incompetent criminality coming to light, especially out of the VA, while Two Occupations were still ongoing and troops were returning for the care needed, as their brothers and sisters were returning in Flag Draped Coffins!!

IG reports detail abuses in hiring, travel, bonuses at VA technology office