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Updating: More of the Story

Some stories require follow-up.  How else are we going to know how they are progressing?  In December I wrote about the treatment of transkids in A Voice for the Future.  I’d written about the issue before that as well.

How are doctors treating these children?

They’re prescribing young GID patients with puberty-blocking drugs until age 16, as recommended in guidelines from the Endocrine Society. Then doctors begin lifelong treatment with sex-changing hormones, while monitoring for potential health risks. The guidelines recommend the aid of mental health professionals throughout the process.

A new study about gender non-conformity has been published and even made its way to the mainstream media (Washington Post, CNN Health, The Week, AP.  Two articles about gender-variant behavior are in the March issue of Pediatrics.  The Advocate picked up the story, but concentrated on a survey from 2010 about how 41% of transpeople have attempted suicide.  They did, however, provide a link to LiveScience, which was helpful.

Friday Philosophy: That’s so gay!

So we’re still moving and certainly not in Pittsburgh with all the cool people.  Because of the moving, my brain is pretty much on the fritz as to anything momentous to write about.  There just hasn’t been enough continuous time to sit down and piece something together about the things I’d like to write about…even if I could really delineate what those items might be.

So let’s go to the news and see what we can find.

I haven’t seen any mention of this item here:  Radcliffe supports gay group with ‘generous’ donation.  Yes, the Harry Potter star is anti-homophobia and believes in the work being done by the The Trevor Project to combat teen suicide.