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Docudharma for the Right Winger. (Part I)

If you are a right winger, you may realize that we on Docudharma are not your typical liberals.  Or you may not have.

We are not typical in that most of us here choose to think for ourselves and do not follow the typical Democratic Line.  We believe, as some among you do, that the right to dissent from our government, even when it is in power, is sacred.

That may make us like you in that respect.  However, it does not make us like you.  You see, many of us may oppose our government for exactly the opposite reasons you do: it’s not that it does too much to solve problems destroying our society, it is that they do too little to correct the damage done since Ronald Reagan, George Bush I, and George Bush II.

Depending on our viewpoints, our solutions may be the same, though, and as long as we have common understanding, we may find common values.

Others on Docudharma may disagree, but I think one of the problems is in finding common understanding and common values.

So let me answer as best I can, speaking only on behalf, of course of myself, and not claiming to represent the entirety of the points of view of all Docudharmans.

What I would like to do is first talk about the ways we are unlike you and the ways we are like you.  For the disinterested, this has the advantage of driving the disinterested away right away.  Secondarily I want to divide you into groups, and the groups I am specifically talking to may have something or many things in common.  Others we or I may have nothing in common with.

Like you, there are some among our number who want to sit across from a table with you.  These are divided into, largely, two groups.  The first group is that of Survivalists:  If you count yourself a survivalist, these are people, who, generally, believe that civilization is doomed.  Perhaps unlike you, many of us believe that the downfall of civilization will be answered, not with individualist, Ayn Rand style perfection, but rather with a return to communitarian values_.  _I do not count myself among the group that wants to sit across a table with you, if you are a right wing survivalist.  And the reason is very clear:  Many of you are right wing survivalists because you are bigots.  And I have no truck with bigotry.  It may be that we share certain ideas and philosophies.  For example, you may believe, as I do, that the downfall of civilization is either inevitable or close to inevitable.

If you are the type of “right wing survivalist” I described above, the difference between you and I is that number one, I do not believe that people with more melanin than you are either responsible for the downfall of civilization or a threat to me personally if it does.  Secondarily, being a person with a prediliction for attraction to persons with the same sex to begin with, I also do not believe that it is those lousy homos who brought about the downfall of civilization either, rather that we are keeping it upright against the very best efforts of bigots to destroy it.  Finally, no, the Jews are not responsible, in my world view, for all your miseries and then some.  No, they don’t control the media.  No, they don’t somehow secretly control your lives.  

There is a second group of Docudharmans who would like to sit across the table from right wingers.  This group, more pollyanish than the first, believes that it is possible, in today’s society, to sit across the table with you, in a similar manner to the Coffee Party, and discuss where we might find “common values”.  Among these common values might be found, for example, things like what we get from the government in exchange for our taxpayer money, and so on.  I do not count myself among this group either.

To be very clear, I am not among the groups that wants to talk to you at all.  I style and believe myself, your enemy.  However, many on Docudharma have noted the many things we have in common, which is why I undertake this sacred duty.

Due to concerns of space, I will only cover two classes of “right winger” with whom we at DocuDharma might find common ground, in this installment.

ACORN: The Militant Negro Bogeyman

Republican Replicant Army of Bull Connor Clones on the Attack

That damned anti-Semite Jimmy Carter has taken some time out from his Jew baiting to join the Communist conspiracy by enlisting as a propagandist in the militant nigger forces who will rip babies from their mother’s wombs, gas granny and indoctrinate the nation’s youth into the evil Marxist mind warp….oh and they’ll take yer guns too. Former President Carter, screech the drooling peckerwood Beckers, Birthers, Deathers and Dumbasses is a race traitor, a hemmoroid according to the Grand Poobah of white populist propaganda who should know a thing or two about such things after an pesky anal cyst kept him out of the military. The latest fusillade from the fascist fifth column, a gaggle of pissy crybabies playing the victimhood card for the millionth or so time involves the hated activist organization ACORN that long ago became codespeak in true RepubliKKKan fashion for NIGGERS. The outcry is deafening over the latest manufactured scandal involving ACORN, a suspicious sting operation designed to manufacture outrage over an attempt to convert a house into a brothel. Gotta love the indignant wailing of the GOPiggies, a dangerous anti-American political thug organization that still boasts an influential Senator, one David Vitter of Louisiana whose weird diaper fetish led him to employ prostitutes including the conveniently suicided D.C. Madame. The irony is so thick that you can choke on it, that is if you aren’t choking back the vomit over this latest outburst of reverse racism.

Baby Trig: Just Punt the Little Bastard

Queen of Quitters, Mother of Sluts and Damaged Babies, Idol of Neo-Nazis

With the increasingly vicious invasions of health care town halls by angry lynch mobs of vile, racist, neo-Nazi filth offering an eerie glimpse of the coming ugly fall of Weimar America when the rapidly approaching hyperinflation turns us all into Germans circa 1933 you have to not be a bit surprised when the future F├╝hress , Sarah Palin weighs in. Fresh off of her quitting as Alaska Governor and her rambling descent into Glenn Beck type of insanity with her bizarre resignation speech the vile harlot is now joining the rest of the brownshirts in attacking the Obama health care reform push. Palin goes back to the bread and butter exploitation of her mongoloid demon child that made her the darling of peckerwood nation in trotting out favorite prop Baby Trig one more time.