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[email protected], you racist, sick motherfucker, you wanna play? Let’s play

    I have fucking had it with this racist hatemailing motherfucker. Please, share your views of this content with [email protected], cause I have had my fill with this shit.

To:  Adam Bonin ([email protected]); [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

In Republican/Blue Dog America, only one thing matters, power.

And only one group gets to have power:

BILL O’REILLY: But do you understand what the New York Times wants, and the far-left want? They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure, which you’re a part, and so am I….

The context and attributions can be found here: Preserving the ‘white, Christian, male power structure.’

In Republican/Blue Dog America there is only one goal, screw everyone else to claw your way to the top ….so that then you can REALLY screw everyone else.

                       And the only thing Democrats care about is keeping the black vote by keeping them as slaves.

                              ‘ Those damn white Republicans are going to take your welfare check away, you better vote for  us       if you don’t want to lose it”.

              So the Democrats give hand outs to the black people, for decades .

              And this is helping them how ?

Bottom line is if those black people had even half a brain they would see it clearly that they have kept the black people in poverty, they have kept them 2nd class citizens, they need black people to stay  poor pathetic victims for their votes .

For the rest of this Curse out the White Rich Man brainstorm of a story, click.

I wonder why they even live. People this miserable should have killed themselves .

Why were they born white?


This came from Daily Kos, the far left loons .

The Bigots. The Racist.

The little boys in mens bodies who act like girly men .

Some of them look like girly men .

This is the group of people who stoned in the 60’s .

The people who got pink slips from their doctors so they didnt have to go to war.

The pussy men. The Cowards. The little lazy whiney slobs

These are the people who go after normal everyday people who talk against their Messiah .

These are the people who are the perverts and love their slut lives.

The people who say ‘ Go have all the sex you want but dont get knocked up’ and then go and attack Sarah Palins teenage daughter .

These people have Zero class, they have no souls, no compassion for others, they care about NOTHING or NOBODY .

It’s poor poor them, victims, victims of the poor white guy who worked his way up to be SOMEBODY, usually from scratch. That pisses them off because they dont want to work to better themselves, they want handouts .

I say Fuck these lazy ass do nothing but whine perverted worthless SOB’s .

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    I don’t know whether to be honored to be included with Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, Kos and Adam B, or not. But I will not put up with this shit anymore.

    Btw, [email protected],Kos published your last doozy in his hatemail saturday special a few weeks ago. You’d think public shaming would get you to Shut The Fuck Up, but apparently you JUST DON’T GET IT.

All very confusing. Yet that email is a paragon of clarity and rationality compared to what’s about to slap you in the face:

Ministry of truth ( OMG.. How in the world did this creature come up with that?) is exploding over some video from June that had Glenn Beck chatting to some dude.

          I am proud and honored to be a Conservative… a Radical Right Winger who is hell belt in destroying Obomit.

             I read the KOS…Often……….they know Obama is a fuck up …..they are worried and they need to be.

        Any REPUBLICAN will kick his ass in 2012. Any one of them…even good ole Sarah Palin. LMAO !

        The best thing the GOP can do is let him push his green slime bill thru, let him push his Communist health care thru

        because we know AMERICANS will be pissed and turn more against him than they are.

        Let the liberals do it all… the more they do, the more they will fuck things up and the more WE THE TRUE AMERICANS

        can say ‘WE TOLD YOU SO ‘. Not a one Republicans name on any liberal bill .

                              Is there any promise Obomit has actually kept ?

                              What will he promise in 2011 ?

                       Reading the far left DAILY KOS ……One really needs to ask :


It’s like weird avant garde performance art, isn’t it? Though I agree with him — let liberals do it all. No filibusters! That much makes fantastic sense

   You want more of this bullshit, go below the fold, and please, feel free to tell [email protected] and let them no exactly how you feel.

4,500+ people will die if Congress vacations w/o passing HCR. More than 9/11 or Katrina

Simulposted at Daily Kos

Consider this your health care reform talking point for the rest of the summer.

    This is why this legislation is urgent. This is why it cannot wait!.

If Congress is allowed to go to recess without passing the legislation, that will be at least a 3 month delay, resulting in at least 4,500 more Americans dying than if the bill was passed now. That’s more than the number of people who died in 9/11.

We passed the Patriot Act overnight.

By the same measure of urgency of lives, the current Healthcare Reform Bill has been scrutinized to death. The deaths of those 4,500 Americans to be precise.


     4,500 lives. That’s more than 9/11 or Katrina.

     The article at democraticunderground.com goes on to blame Republicans for playing politics with our lives. I will not blame the Republicans because they are utterly powerless. I am blaming Harry Reid and Congressional Democrats.

Shoot liberal fascists in the face – Michael Savage implies

    After a minute of crying about how deprived he’s been by being banned from a country he doesn’t live in, Michael Savage Weiner goes from telling us the jews should’ve shot Fascists in the face to liberals are fascist in under a minute. I wonder how the gun toting lunatics listening will take it.



   I made a commitment that no one’s ever going to put me in a gas chamber. Let me be very clear, I’m not getting into a box car, I’ll kill three of them before they put me in a box car. Now, that’s a metaphorical statement.

    You see, I want to be very personal about this. 6 million Jews were killed, tortured, gassed, shot by the Nazi’s in WWII. Had only 100,000 of them gotten a gun, and when Hitler came to power and shot a Gestapo agent in the face when they came to take them away there would not have been a Holocaust. I have studied this inside and out. I am, I have studied this since I was a boy.

    The Germans did it very quietly. They went to the Jews and they said you must come with us or report to the, to the police station. And they went like sheep. And their children were killed in front of their eyes and their hair was then used for packing guns, or whatever. If every Jew had gotten a .22, and when the nice German officer came and said “Are you ready for us Mr. Shmiedel” and Mr. Shmiedel said “Sure, one more moment, please” and came out blasting, that would have been the end of the Holocaust, because the Germans didn’t want to mess, it would have upset the rest of the middle class in Germany, who was not behind this by the way.

   And if you say, “What does this have to do with Jackie Smith”, it has everything to do with Jackie Smith. Let me be very clear. Let me be really clear. What she did was fascistic, and she did it on her own. And if you think that liberals are incapable of being fascist, I have another guess coming for you. All of the fascism that is raging in the west right now is coming from the leftists, not from the right. All of the fascism that is raging in the west today is coming from so-called liberals who would like to ban speech, imprison people, re-educate people, or force taxation down peoples throats, this is all fascism. So I am the canary, in the, in the, in the cave.

   In three steps this fuck job goes from the Jews should’ve shot fascist Gestapo to the liberals are fascists. And he wonders why he was banned from the U.K.

   Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in Michael Savages shoes. Granted it would be hard being weighed down with all of his money, of course, but that is offset by being a dickless, brain dead ass clown.

   The Jews went like sheep?

   Fuck You, Michael Weiner!

   Fuck you in your dirty fascist pork hole!

   I hope you get reincarnated as a lobster so you can feel what it’s like to go in the pot.

   My mother is Jewish. I only wish Polish Jews like her had just known that if they just shot the Germans in the face the big bad fascist Nazi’s would go away, since the middle class in “Good Germany” didn’t support Hitler.

   This guy has been studying this since he was a boy? I could have asked the drunken homeless guy in my neighborhood to pull this out of his ass in 5 minutes.

   So, you heard it from Michael Savage Weiner. Fascists should be shot. Liberals are fascist. The Right wing can’t be fascist since they don’t torture people, spy on people, use inflammatory hate speech or make wild calls to violence against other social groups.

   I think the big question here is . . . .

   How can we ban Michael Savage Weiner from America?

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