4,500+ people will die if Congress vacations w/o passing HCR. More than 9/11 or Katrina

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Consider this your health care reform talking point for the rest of the summer.

    This is why this legislation is urgent. This is why it cannot wait!.

If Congress is allowed to go to recess without passing the legislation, that will be at least a 3 month delay, resulting in at least 4,500 more Americans dying than if the bill was passed now. That’s more than the number of people who died in 9/11.

We passed the Patriot Act overnight.

By the same measure of urgency of lives, the current Healthcare Reform Bill has been scrutinized to death. The deaths of those 4,500 Americans to be precise.


     4,500 lives. That’s more than 9/11 or Katrina.

     The article at democraticunderground.com goes on to blame Republicans for playing politics with our lives. I will not blame the Republicans because they are utterly powerless. I am blaming Harry Reid and Congressional Democrats.

In their own words, RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Sean Hannity admit that the GOP is utterly powerless.

STEELE: Look at what these guys are saying and doing, not at what we’re saying and doing. You got 60 votes in the Senate. You got almost a two-to-one majority in the House. The Democrats control the entire power structure of the federal government. If you want health care, get the votes. Do it!


STEELE: I mean, Republicans can’t block the bill. The Republicans can’t even filibuster in the Senate.


    From day one it has been obvious that the only power the GOP has is what the Democrats give them. Enough is enough.

    If Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi allow Congress to go on vacation without sendinng a health care bill to President Obama first I say we should go down to D.C. with our Obama posters and BARRICADE THEM IN.

     We are talking about peoples lives. Imagine Congress going on vacation the day after 9/11, or the day after Katrina. It would be unacceptable.

     So what is the difference between a tragic catastrophe that happens all at once and a tragic catastrophe that happens everyday?

    If Congress goes on vacation without doing the job we sent them to do while the rest of us are still clusterfucked I will not lift a finger to help a single incumbent. I will vote for fund every primary I can and I will vote for Democrats over Republicans, as always, but I will not phone bank, get out the vote or spend one red cent on these plutocratic SELL OUTS.

    I will call President Obama and the White House every day and every hour to demand that the President convene a Special Session of Congress in order to finish the job this summer.

    CALL The White House at 202-456-1111 and E-Mail the WH here

     These bastards passed the Patriot Act in a hurry, literally overnight. So why do they need more time now? Why could they rush a bill through to take our civil rights away but not to protect our human rights to health care?

    It isn’t like we haven’t been dealing with this shit for almost 60 years.


A bad experience with a medical coverage program.

Sung to the tune of: “Blue Skies”

Blue Cross

Had me agree

To a new Blue Cross


Blue Cross

Said I would be

Happy that Blue Cross

Covered me!

Then I took a fall,

Leg in a splint;

They said that I

Should read the fine print!

When a very high

Fever I ran,

They told me I

Took out the wrong plan!

That’s Blue Cross!

There seems to be

Plenty for Blue Cross!

None for me!

Lyrics by Frank Jacobs circa 1961

    Time to teach these old lazy dogs a new tune.

    Call the President today. Demand a Special Session of Congress and the CHANGE you are DYING FOR.


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    • Joy B. on July 24, 2009 at 17:51

    …that this delay is the set-up for the fact that Obama and Congress have rolled over and are abandoning the field. That health care is a done deal – we don’t get any “fix” to the system. Period.

    What we MIGHT get is a law that forces us to purchase junk insurance even if we can’t afford it. Which means we’ll have that much less money to get health care if we need it. They WANT us to die. And they want us to die unattended, locked into our homes come flu season. I wonder how much they’re offering to pay the cart folks who will meander through the streets calling “Bring out your dead!”

  2. I want to know more… Please forgive my blatant ignorance on the subject.

    a quick google… got me this

    Definition: A Congressional session runs for one year, 3 January to sometime in December. But Congress does not meet each and every business day of the year. When Congress has recessed, business has been put “on hold.”

    For example, Congress often holds business sessions only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so that legislators can visit their constituents over a long weekend that includes a work day. At such times, Congress has not adjourned but is, instead, recessed.

    Congress also recesses the week of a federal holiday.

    The Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970 stipulated a 30-day recess each August, except in time of war.

    So are they supposed to go home and listen to their constituents?

  3. passing Patriot Act and passing Health Care Rationing Act.

    Is always Emergency..Emergency…Please to get from street!

    • Inky99 on July 24, 2009 at 20:13

    before hardly anyone had a chance to actually read it.

    Like we’re gonna turn the ship around on global warming quickly.  Uh, no.

    But health care, where people’s lives are at stake?  Let’s take our TIME.

    The corportacracy wanted the cap and trade bill, it’s just another game for them where they can figure out how to use the system to profit.  

    Health care?   Nahhhh …..

    • Valtin on July 25, 2009 at 07:57

    We have barely crawled out of the slime, from a cosmological point of view. And from a moral view.

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