Shoot liberal fascists in the face – Michael Savage implies

    After a minute of crying about how deprived he’s been by being banned from a country he doesn’t live in, Michael Savage Weiner goes from telling us the jews should’ve shot Fascists in the face to liberals are fascist in under a minute. I wonder how the gun toting lunatics listening will take it.



   I made a commitment that no one’s ever going to put me in a gas chamber. Let me be very clear, I’m not getting into a box car, I’ll kill three of them before they put me in a box car. Now, that’s a metaphorical statement.

    You see, I want to be very personal about this. 6 million Jews were killed, tortured, gassed, shot by the Nazi’s in WWII. Had only 100,000 of them gotten a gun, and when Hitler came to power and shot a Gestapo agent in the face when they came to take them away there would not have been a Holocaust. I have studied this inside and out. I am, I have studied this since I was a boy.

    The Germans did it very quietly. They went to the Jews and they said you must come with us or report to the, to the police station. And they went like sheep. And their children were killed in front of their eyes and their hair was then used for packing guns, or whatever. If every Jew had gotten a .22, and when the nice German officer came and said “Are you ready for us Mr. Shmiedel” and Mr. Shmiedel said “Sure, one more moment, please” and came out blasting, that would have been the end of the Holocaust, because the Germans didn’t want to mess, it would have upset the rest of the middle class in Germany, who was not behind this by the way.

   And if you say, “What does this have to do with Jackie Smith”, it has everything to do with Jackie Smith. Let me be very clear. Let me be really clear. What she did was fascistic, and she did it on her own. And if you think that liberals are incapable of being fascist, I have another guess coming for you. All of the fascism that is raging in the west right now is coming from the leftists, not from the right. All of the fascism that is raging in the west today is coming from so-called liberals who would like to ban speech, imprison people, re-educate people, or force taxation down peoples throats, this is all fascism. So I am the canary, in the, in the, in the cave.

   In three steps this fuck job goes from the Jews should’ve shot fascist Gestapo to the liberals are fascists. And he wonders why he was banned from the U.K.

   Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in Michael Savages shoes. Granted it would be hard being weighed down with all of his money, of course, but that is offset by being a dickless, brain dead ass clown.

   The Jews went like sheep?

   Fuck You, Michael Weiner!

   Fuck you in your dirty fascist pork hole!

   I hope you get reincarnated as a lobster so you can feel what it’s like to go in the pot.

   My mother is Jewish. I only wish Polish Jews like her had just known that if they just shot the Germans in the face the big bad fascist Nazi’s would go away, since the middle class in “Good Germany” didn’t support Hitler.

   This guy has been studying this since he was a boy? I could have asked the drunken homeless guy in my neighborhood to pull this out of his ass in 5 minutes.

   So, you heard it from Michael Savage Weiner. Fascists should be shot. Liberals are fascist. The Right wing can’t be fascist since they don’t torture people, spy on people, use inflammatory hate speech or make wild calls to violence against other social groups.

   I think the big question here is . . . .

   How can we ban Michael Savage Weiner from America?

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  1. “Jews went like sheep”

    You motherfucker. I hope my dead Jewish forefathers haunt you for the rest of your miserable hate filled life, you putz.

  2. No lie is too big, no lunacy is too far out of bounds, no hatred is too disgusting for GOP’er loons like Savage to spew it all over the media.  Savage and his ilk make landfills smell sweet by comparison.  

    He’s the poster child for “No redeeming social value”.  

    • Inky99 on July 22, 2009 at 9:02 am

    He’s just doing what he’s paid to do.

    The question is WHO is paying him?

    Why is he given a voice, and why are the other hatemongers given a voice, and where is the money coming from and why?

    Whores are whores, they’re a dime a dozen.  It’s the customers who make them exist.

  3. banned here? Why do we have to listen to this garbage? Same goes for Pat Buchanan why are these freakin’ fascists on the airwaves spewing their filth and being treated like they have something to say? I agree with Inky, the problem is who sponsors this? He is the worst but night after night I’m subjected to the most outrageous voices passed off as people who have legitimate views and are treated like part of our national dialog. I think they are useful as a distraction for the pols who while were busy being horrified, get up to all kinds of skulduggery. There is also the factor that says to the sane among us see were not as bad as this…. Once again fear rules whether it’s terrorist’s, too big’s falling or home grown Nazis passed off as deserving of a voice.            

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