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Sunday Morning: Taxes

CBS Sunday Morning did an interesting report on our tax system as we approach tomorrows filing date.

April 17, 2011 The U.S. tax code: A “huge convoluted mess”

Complaining about taxes is as old as America itself, but as the debate rages over fairness of taxes, some millionaires say, tax us more

No Vacation Nation

All work and no play makes America a dull country. For some today, the Fourth of July and Labor Day will have to serve as their summer vacation, three days off. Besides honoring the more than one million Americans killed in battle and the people who serve today, Memorial Day also marks the unofficial first weekend of summer. For many a season no different from the rest, one survey shows only 10% of us will take a full two weeks off.

CBS Sunday Morning opened yesterday with the facts, nine vacation days per year for the average American. It was another of those “of the thirty-three richest nations” stats that the U.S.A. comes out on the wrong side of. The U.S. is the only developed nation with no legally required vacation for its workers. Why is America the only industrialized nation that thinks of vacation as a perk, not a right?

For many Americans waiting for an unemployment extension from Congress time off is not an issue but for some who are worried a little getaway might mean the person in the next cubicle getting ahead there’s an app for that, good government. Allen Grayson made the segment talking about creating a law here and claimed “Sixty-nine percent of middle class Americans say that their number one desire in life is more free time.”

Making Billions{?} on Health, Yet Sources Of Not Compensated!

This was on the CBS Sunday Morning show yesterday and still has me boiling!

You want to talk “Health Care” and the millions being spent by the special interests, and their lackeys seeking more as they say “No”, that profit mightily from the ever rising costs by anything related to those two words, “Health Care” and the industry it is.

I’m going to start this off with a cut from the report, video not up:

And consider this: The family of the woman whose cells changed medical history . . . can’t afford health insurance.

Henrietta’s middle child, Sonny, is $100,000 in debt after bypass surgery.

“How does that leave you feeling?” asked Axelrod.

Meet The Second Lady

This morning on the CBS “Sunday Morning” show they had a real good story and interview, only about a ten minute segment, with the Second Lady of the Land, Dr Jill Biden.

Second Lady of the Land

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But you can just call her Jill. Rita Braver goes on the road and gets candid with Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden.

“Camp Hell” Afghanistan

“Camp Hell”!! Pay attention ‘kombat keyboard chickenhawk rambo’ cheerleaders, as well as the greater majority of this population that have forgotten our Two Occupations and the Veterans of, this is what Service in and War, Wars of Choice, Occupations, Look and Sound like!!

Despite 100 Attacks, Unit Leaves Afghan War With No Casualties

‘Camp Hell’ Attacked More Than Any Other Outpost in Afghanistan