“Camp Hell” Afghanistan

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“Camp Hell”!! Pay attention ‘kombat keyboard chickenhawk rambo’ cheerleaders, as well as the greater majority of this population that have forgotten our Two Occupations and the Veterans of, this is what Service in and War, Wars of Choice, Occupations, Look and Sound like!!

Despite 100 Attacks, Unit Leaves Afghan War With No Casualties

‘Camp Hell’ Attacked More Than Any Other Outpost in Afghanistan

Its job has been to disrupt al Qaeda and Taliban smuggling routes through the area.

Over the past year, the several dozen U.S. troops hunkered down in Combat Outpost Lowell have seen more firefights than any unit in Afghanistan.

Located on the northern part of Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, the troops in Combat Outpost Lowell did not see any reinforcements from the U.S. surge, which has been concentrated in southern part of the country.

But the Taliban has had a surge of its own, making July the bloodiest month of the Afghan war so far for U.S. troops. Part of the Taliban offensive was a determined effort to erase Lowell from the map. The Taliban attacked the outpost nearly 100 times in the past year.

With words of True Wisdom from one Soldier:

“After experiencing this, what I will say … if I ever do a job interview again and they say have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation, I’ll try not to smile,” said Sgt. Matthew Bertran of San Jose, Calif.

And while this unit, now replaced with another, miraculously didn’t suffer any casualties, this speaks of the Priorities, and Attention Spans of this Nation:

A Life Lost Out of the Spotlight

This is what Brian Bradshaw’s, killed by an IED in Afghanistan, aunt Martha Gillis said, with tears in her eyes and overwhelming love showing in those eyes and words as well!

While a Nation and World Paid Tribute to a Passing Singer, a Small Town Mourned a Young Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Members of the Patriot Guard salute the flag-draped casket of Brian N. Bradshaw, after it was loaded into a hearse at St. John’s Bosco Church in Lakewood, Wash. on Monday, July 6, 2009. Bradshaw, from Steilacoom, Wash., was killed by an IED in Afghanistan on June 25.  (AP/Dean J. Koepfler, News Tribune)

Millions around the world will remember the day Michael Jackson died. Martha Gillis will, too – but she’ll be thinking of someone else. She shares her Opinion with us now: The Rest Here

Not A “SuperStar”……..July 12, 2009

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A Soldier Comes Home  July 15 2009

On July 5, The Post published a letter from Martha Gillis of Springfield, whose nephew, Lt. Brian Bradshaw, was killed in Afghanistan on June 25, the day that Michael Jackson died. The letter criticized the extensive media coverage of Jackson’s death compared with the brief coverage of Lt. Bradshaw’s death. Among the responses was the following letter, written July 9 by an Air National Guard pilot and a fellow member of the crew that flew Lt. Bradshaw’s body from a forward base in Afghanistan to Bagram Air Base. Capt. James Adair, one of the plane’s pilots, asked the editorial page staff to forward the letter to the Bradshaw family. He and Brian Bradshaw’s parents then agreed to publication of these excerpts…….Read Rest Here

The above letter, to the family, is a must read to fathom the deep Respect at least the Fallen receive from their brothers and sisters as a Nation pays little heed!


  1. Veterans’ Mental Health Concerns Rising

    A new study has found that more than 40 percent of U.S. soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who sought treatment from a Veterans Administration hospital suffer from a mental disorder or a related behavioral problem.

    Some are comparing this rise in mental health concerns on scale of what was seen in returning soldiers from Vietnam………..

  2. So whose bright idea was it to put the freakin’ camp at the bottom of the valley, anyway?  

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