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This morning on the CBS “Sunday Morning” show they had a real good story and interview, only about a ten minute segment, with the Second Lady of the Land, Dr Jill Biden.

Second Lady of the Land

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But you can just call her Jill. Rita Braver goes on the road and gets candid with Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden.

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Jill Biden: Vice President’s Spouse, Mother, Educator and Advocate for Military Families

Dr. Jill Biden at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she delivered a commencement address.

Many a Washington figure expects to be addressed by his or her full name and title. Not so the nation’s current Second Lady . . . Rita Braver explains why in our Cover Story.

When you watch Jill Biden shaking every hand in sight . . . stuffing gift bags for soldiers . . . inviting veterans and their families to the vice president’s house, you may be tempted to say, “Isn’t she nice!”

That would be a mistake!

“‘Energetic,’ interesting,’ ‘vivacious,’ but ‘nice’ is blah. It’s just too bland. So I never want to be ‘nice.'”

Her friend, First Lady Michelle Obama, says Jill Biden is so much more than nice: “She’s an incredibly passionate, focused woman.”

“I think, after her family, you are the number one fan?” Braver asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m up there, I’m up there. But you know my husband loves her, my mom loves her, so she’s got a lot of fans.”…This gives you the article transcript

Photo Essay: Inside the Life and Times of Vice President Joe Biden’s Wife

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  1. This’ll get up on the rec list at Daily Kos, try it there, they love stupid non-sense about a Democrat’s wife that has nothing to do with the fact the party their husband belongs to sold us out.

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