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Miss Colorado 2011 is Homeless

Ms. Colorado, 23 year old Blair Griffith was evicted, along with her ailing mother, from her apartment in November.

She watched, stunned, as sheriff’s officers, armed with an eviction notice, tossed all of their worldly possessions into trash bags.  And just like that, the young woman whose beauty and poise had put her on the path to the Miss USA crown was homeless.

She is now unemployed.  She was employed at Sachs.  

I watched her on RT this evening, and she was surprisingly upbeat.  They are staying with good friends.

My message when I get to the pageant is just that I want to be an inspiration and show that no matter the hardships you’re facing, if you stay focused on your dreams, you can achieve them.  

I think we have enough inspiration out there with the homeless, unemployed.  I think we need a poster child like Ms. Griffith to be angry.  If she has not become political at this point, I don’t know what to say.

She seems a nice young woman; she’s attractive, poised and articulate.  All she needs to represent America is a AK-47 rifle and perhaps a Drone Predator to hit all the notes.

Look, I feel for her.  But no doubt someone in DC or the Village will pluck her out of her homeless situation and give her a home and the Predator.  Then she can be feted as a young woman who overcame her (not the situation foisted on the US population) situation. Then she can be brought center stage when the crybabies, when the crazy left, the dirty hippies complain about eviction, homelessness and/or … oh look there, a shiny new war in Africa.  

Maybe the MOTU are putting valium or happy pills in the water.  Wish they’d send some my way.

I wish her good fortune as I wish all of us who are living under this regime.    

I am the jobless. Please help.

NOTE: This is my own version of the entry produced the other day by MinistryOfTruth.

I’m not homeless (not yet), but every day holds over it the threat of existence on the streets.  Although I’ve been technically unemployed since December of 2007, nearly two years, my official period of unemployment goes back to March 2006 – at least.  This is because my last “official” job was for a telemarketing firm that laid me off after four weeks in 2006.  My last actual job was as an Americorps VISTA (a volunteer position that offers a monthly stipend), which went from December 2006 to December 2007.  Since then, I’ve been enrolled in classes at the Parma campus of my local community college.  I’ve had to subsist on what money I get from financial aid as my sole source of “income.”  Often, I must raid the student food bank just to get myself through the weeks between semesters.

I have no car, public transit options are increasingly limited, and the longer I go without work further cripples my chances of obtaining employment.  No one wants to hire someone who can’t get a job.  It’s a vicious catch-22 situation.  I’ve had exactly one interview this year, with a bagel restaurant, and that went nowhere.

Like MinistryOfTruth, I need a job – BADLY.  It has to be in Cleveland’s west side or Middleburg Heights, Ohio, along bus routes.  At this point I couldn’t care less what job it is.  I just need one I can get out to in a timely manner so the manager will deign to hire me.  The problem is that I don’t know what else I can do besides what I’ve been doing, which is to keep my résumé updated and keep filling out applications.  I can’t relocate, because I haven’t got the money.  I can’t get a job because no one will hire me. I’m thirty-five, always broke, jobless, and ever on the brink.  I can’t keep doing this.  So, like MoT, I’m asking you for help.

Johnny & Jane Marchin Home to……..

Johnny comes marching home – to no job

Out of Iraq’s frying pan, into an economic fire

Why do we still continue to ignore the fact that women serve, Johnny comes marching home and similar, in greater numbers and are a big part of our military operations? They have always been a Big part of the Military Family and an Important part!

Economic things I learned or overheard this Memorial Day

(The following was cross posted from Economic Populist and Venomopolis.)

I’m a sucker for barbecues, especially good ones.  Normally I’m not a “family” person, but I am a people person.  When it comes to barbecues, though I tend to even go to the ones my family puts out.  This year I hosted, unfortunately the weather was not on my side and being someone into risk management I decided to hold an “indoor bbq.”  The food, as always, was good, but my other type of appetite was also satisfied, my hunger for news and tid bits