Miss Colorado 2011 is Homeless

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Ms. Colorado, 23 year old Blair Griffith was evicted, along with her ailing mother, from her apartment in November.

She watched, stunned, as sheriff’s officers, armed with an eviction notice, tossed all of their worldly possessions into trash bags.  And just like that, the young woman whose beauty and poise had put her on the path to the Miss USA crown was homeless.

She is now unemployed.  She was employed at Sachs.  

I watched her on RT this evening, and she was surprisingly upbeat.  They are staying with good friends.

My message when I get to the pageant is just that I want to be an inspiration and show that no matter the hardships you’re facing, if you stay focused on your dreams, you can achieve them.  

I think we have enough inspiration out there with the homeless, unemployed.  I think we need a poster child like Ms. Griffith to be angry.  If she has not become political at this point, I don’t know what to say.

She seems a nice young woman; she’s attractive, poised and articulate.  All she needs to represent America is a AK-47 rifle and perhaps a Drone Predator to hit all the notes.

Look, I feel for her.  But no doubt someone in DC or the Village will pluck her out of her homeless situation and give her a home and the Predator.  Then she can be feted as a young woman who overcame her (not the situation foisted on the US population) situation. Then she can be brought center stage when the crybabies, when the crazy left, the dirty hippies complain about eviction, homelessness and/or … oh look there, a shiny new war in Africa.  

Maybe the MOTU are putting valium or happy pills in the water.  Wish they’d send some my way.

I wish her good fortune as I wish all of us who are living under this regime.    


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  1. …I posting this for you, Xanthe.  You express the poignant, insane irony of this society with wrong, reversed values…so, so well.

  2. …”cruel”  — should read…

    the poignant, [cruel], insane irony …

    • mplo on March 18, 2011 at 2:38 pm
  3. will undoubtedly be “discovered” and all will end well.

    In the meantime, there are Missing Workers: 4.9 Million Out Of Work And Forgotten

    Over the last three years, nearly 5 million U.S. workers have effectively gone missing.

    You won’t find their photos on the backs of milk cartons. The Coast Guard isn’t out looking for them. No missing-persons reports have been filed. These are jobless Americans who have grown so discouraged by their unsuccessful searches for work that they have simply given up the hunt. They are no longer counted among the 14.5 million Americans officially considered unemployed as of the end of last year, according to the Department of Labor.

    Indeed, when the government on Friday delivered its latest monthly snapshot of the labor market for January, which showed the unemployment rate falling to 9 percent, these people — a group larger than the population of Los Angeles — were not even counted. Some are sprinkled into the fine print, counted in categories such as “discouraged workers,” but most are invisible. . . . .

    Despite the last paragraph, I would bet that these people who have fallen off the radar are not at all included in the unemployment figures!

    I’m sorry for anyone who has lost a job and who faces an essentially jobless market — how can you not be?

    Thanks, Xanthe!  

  4. Wait for the pundit who says… “Homelessness does not discriminate.”

    And of course Meredith Vieira chimes in with “We’re all just one lost job away from homelessness,” although…

    Meredith Vieira’s current salary at the Today Show is $10,000,000 per annum.

    • Diane G on March 18, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    EVERY possible way, Xanthe.

    Righteous Rant.

    • banger on March 20, 2011 at 2:00 am

    To an extent I do believe that a positive attitude and a smile will get you very far. But the notion that if you’re just optimistic and everything will work out just isn’t the case. I say that because, actually, it is true. A person who is truly positive and confident through and through can do very well always. But most of us are not that way–we have something called the unconscious–that unconscious is what actually creates most of the situations we are involved in so that we can say affirmations all we want but if inside we believe we are terrible and rotten and are unaware of that fact affirmations and positive thinking will not work very well, in fact it may make matters worse.

    I think the main reason the oligarchs get away with what they get away with is that so many Americans have this blind optimism that everything will just work out peachy keen. Guess what? It’s not working.

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