Johnny & Jane Marchin Home to……..

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Johnny comes marching home – to no job

Out of Iraq’s frying pan, into an economic fire

Why do we still continue to ignore the fact that women serve, Johnny comes marching home and similar, in greater numbers and are a big part of our military operations? They have always been a Big part of the Military Family and an Important part!

The gathering might have been even more boisterous were it not for the realization that these Guardsmen are coming home to face a new enemy – a swooning economy that has landed like a KO’d heavyweight on the canvas of their home towns……

Sgt. Russell See of Elkhart said he found out in April that his job as a welder at Valmont Industries had vanished, a development that was communicated via an e-mail from the human resources department……..

Another of the many promises this Nation doesn’t keep, though in tough times holding the jobs for those who serve in the Guard can be real tough for a small business. And the big corporations don’t have the money left, even if there’s work needed to be done to help their bottom lines and give to investors, after the hugely gross compensation packages, gross amount of company perks and those really gross bonuses even for total failure!

And why aren’t they spending that money, keeping the reaganomics/free market promise of ‘trickle down’ to those that produced the products and services? Teabaggers pay attention!

While they serve, their civilian jobs are protected by the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), but that is no help when layoffs occur, unless discrimination can be demonstrated……

Oh, and how many of their kids are serving…

he figures he has only eight months or so to either find a job or consider what is now almost unthinkable – signing up for a third tour of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan……

Probably not many at all, no need to if sending the same fighting soldiers back over and over!

And oh again, speaking of the younger family members of the wealthy, as well as so many more. Just some more of those who are serving you as well:

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    • jimstaro on July 5, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    In Their Boots – 2nd Season recent episode, 7.04.09.

    Silent Partners: Episode 4

    “Silent Partners” is a look at the hidden effects of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law through the eyes of 3 partners of deployed service members.


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