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CLAP LOUDER or Tinkerbell WILL DIE and Obama’s approval rating will drop

This diary has been written in response to a diary on the reclist at Daily Kos which insinuates that all anger associated with BP Oilpocalypse and Obama’s handling of it is unwarranted.

You see, all criticism of Obama and his policies/appointees is stupid, and only really helps the Republicans. Holding “Feet to the fire” is stupid too. Instead of Yelling Louder, you should be CLAPPING LOUDER, or Tinkerbell will die and Obama’s approval ratings will drop.

CLAP LOUDER today, so Obama and the Democratic party can finally implement the GOP platform of 1994! and isn’t that so much better than what would happen if the post 1994 GOP were to come back into power? So who cares about demanding MORE and BETTER from Obama? Whose side are you on anyway?

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Meet the deadatom and how i learned to relax

Hi!  I am deadatom!  Or rather, i am the person who uses this handle on the world wide web.  A lot of people have made me out to be some sort of monster.  Those people are wrong.  I’m much worse!  A human being like everyone else who is prone to errors and bad judgement calls.  

For example, when i was a younger man i was a real sack of shit.  One time, in the year 2000, i even defended no child left behind! shudders.  How did i go from right wing idiot to the deadatom that i am now?  Basically i did a lot of drugs for 4-5 years straight.  Good times!