CLAP LOUDER or Tinkerbell WILL DIE and Obama’s approval rating will drop

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This diary has been written in response to a diary on the reclist at Daily Kos which insinuates that all anger associated with BP Oilpocalypse and Obama’s handling of it is unwarranted.

You see, all criticism of Obama and his policies/appointees is stupid, and only really helps the Republicans. Holding “Feet to the fire” is stupid too. Instead of Yelling Louder, you should be CLAPPING LOUDER, or Tinkerbell will die and Obama’s approval ratings will drop.

CLAP LOUDER today, so Obama and the Democratic party can finally implement the GOP platform of 1994! and isn’t that so much better than what would happen if the post 1994 GOP were to come back into power? So who cares about demanding MORE and BETTER from Obama? Whose side are you on anyway?

More snark below the fold

Remember after Obama’s inauguration when he had approval ratings of over 70%? His approval rating didn’t drop because Obama played “bipartisanship pattycake” with the GOP over the stimulus and health care reform with ZERO results to show for it, or because Obama decided to ignore Bush/Cheney war crimes so he could prosecute Bush/Cheney whistleblowers, or even because he escalated an unwinnable war in Afghanistan because General McCrystal bullied him into it, no, Obama’s approval ratings dropped because YOU STOPPED CLAPPING AS LOUD AS YOU COULD after inauguration day, and now Tinkerbell might die!

So please, CLAP LOUDER no matter what your instincts that hated this kinda shit when it happened under Bush tells you, because only then can you travel beyond bipartisan pixie hallow where liberals should always STFU and the centrist adults should always tell us what to do while punching hippies, but remember to CLAP LOUDER or you’ll never get to find out what happens to “The Lost Treasure of BP profits” at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico!

This thinking is 101% correct (give or take 100%)! By that math, you might even be 201% correct. Who cares, Obama’s got this! This sort of brilliance should be working on Wall St, where your invaluable insight is needed to save America from the next clusterfuck which the watered down, bankster friendly Finance Reform passing through our bank owned Senate is certain to contribute to!

Apparently, vital reforms are like children’s vitamins, they are hard to swallow and thus must be washed down with plenty of water.

Ohh, and doesn’t Obama look great while he campaigns for Blanche Lincoln? I know that’s the same Blanche Lincoln who has been Obama’s major obstacle in the bank owned Senate outside of those mean minority party Republicans, but KEEP CLAPPING or Tinkerbell won’t make it through the night.

All criticism of the Obama Administration is futile, even constructive criticism, even criticism that arises from the fact that people who voted for Obama and expected his leadership on important issues have no idea what they hell this Administration is doing.

You see, it was easy to hate Bush’s “Shock Doctrine”, but now that Obama is in charge I’m supposed to suddenly think that the same Shock Doctrine of privatization, free trade and Corporate welfare is A OK because it is Democrats who are doing it and anyone who disagrees or doesn’t clap loud enough is a teabagger.

Yelling Louder for a public option, for a jobs bill, for breaking up Too Big To Fail banks, for LGBT rights and civil rights, for a sustainable energy policy or accountability or for an end to unwinnable wars or for leadership on any other crisis facing America or for any other oil soaked pony is foolishness and is stupid. Obama is President now, so chill, he’s got this!

Now CLAP LOUDER, Tinkerbell may not make it through the night, and Obama’s approval ratings just fell a point!

Maybe we can bring the Republican voters in on this CLAPPING LOUDER strategy? Cause it sure as hell ain’t working on all of these f***ing re****ed liberals.

Spin, baby, spin!

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  1. GODDAMNED if all some Democrats want from me is my vote, my campaign donations, my volunteer work and then my CLAPPING LOUDER on demand when they say so, but I can STFU whenever they don’t like what I have to say or have no answer to my reality based criticism.

    Fuck that! I’ll Yell Louder, and if you don’t like it, you can kiss my DFH ass.

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  2. I like this part:

    You see, it was easy to hate Bush’s “Shock Doctrine”, but now that Obama is in charge I’m supposed to suddenly think that the same Shock Doctrine of privatization, free trade and Corporate welfare is A OK because it is Democrats who are doing it and anyone who disagrees or doesn’t clap loud enough is a teabagger.

    or is a Docu-Firebagger

  3. are….

    • Edger on May 26, 2010 at 00:52

    orange, too?

    I mean, I need a reason to clap really loud, you know? 😉

  4. Al Giordano at 50 isn’t half of what Al Giordano at 20 was.  The last thing I would have predicted for him when we were daily comrades in struggle 30 years ago was that he’d end up a partisan shill.  But there you have it, things change, people change, grow, not always for the better.  He’s still got all the ego, just a whole lot less to back it up with anymore.

  5. more important than thousands of barrels emptying into the Gulf and coating the beaches and millions of creatures in black sludge.

    And don’t you forget it!

  6. Nothing like a good flame war diary to help take some oily frustrations out on the DKos ignorati.

    Although something tells me MB might be sending me a sternly worded letter for this one.

  7. when they decided to side with/not fight corporations & financial oligarchy.  That void is being filled by right-wing populist who are being misled by astro-turf organizations.

    Progressives must come to grips with that fact that Obama is not the answer and maybe the Democratic Party is not the answer either.  

    We have been fooled.  

    • banger on May 26, 2010 at 18:19
  8. Barry Soetoro torture endorsing, predator drone joking about, warhawk Peace Prize recipient,frankenfood supporting, mandatory toxic vaccine promoting scumbag, Thank You Satan, yes we can destroy America?

    Is that the Obama you are talking about?

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