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Dr. Margaret Flowers – Grassroots Response to Health Care Reform

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(This segment was recorded live on Ustream on 3/24/2001 at 12:00pm EST)

Single-Payer Now!

Last week, House Democrats killed two provisions that could have given us the best health care in the world: single-payer. But we've still got a chance in the U.S. Senate.

Tell your senators to support single-payer health care by co-sponsoring S. 703, the American Health Security Act.

Single-payer health care is the only kind that would both control costs and cover all Americans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had pledged to hold a House vote on single-payer, but she broke her promise, and did not allow the vote.

Even worse, Speaker Pelosi stripped a provision from the health care bill that would have allowed states to try single-payer.

As a final insult, the House approved an anti-choice amendment that will remove abortion coverage from millions of health insurance policies.

That's just not good enough.

Americans deserve a healthcare system that will cover everyone and won't bankrupt anyone.

Let's make our voices heard for real health care reform. Sen. Bernie Sanders has introduced S. 703, a bill that would create single-payer systems in every state to cover all Americans.

Tell your senators to support true health care reform by co-sponsoring S. 703 today.

Tell Congress to PASS the Weiner Amendment to H.R. 3200!

According to a post on Pennsylvania blog, House speaker Nancy Pelosi will allow a mere twenty minutes of debate on single-payer, albeit indirectly.

The debate will actually be on an amendment put forth by Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York’s 9th District, which would effectively transform the corporate giveaway that is HR 3200 into something very close to the single-payer form offered by Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers’s HR 676.  According to David Swanson, the debate on the Weiner amendment is being used as cover for dropping Kucinich’s amendment, which would allow states to create their own single-payer health insurance systems.

This is probably our last, best chance to improve what is shaping up to be a disastrously bad bill that will force Americans into buying unaffordable insurance.  Click on the House Telephone Directory link, call as many representatives as you can, and demand that they pass the Weiner amendment.  This may be our only shot at getting something that will work for all Americans, instead of simply further enriching Big Insurance.

Robert Greenwald, of Brave New Films, comes through AGAIN!

As you know, WE’ve been screaming and yelling for over eight years now and we’ve been heard, WE’ve simply been ignored.  On ALL of the issues of UTMOST importance, we have lost, i.e., the many anti-war movements and marches, the multitudinous efforts to have Bush and Cheney Impeached, thwarted by Ms. Pelosi (Impeachment would be “too divisive”), and the ensuing ills that were foisted upon us thereafter — AFTER taking Impeachment “off the table.”  Well, I think everyone knows the issues we have fought on.  We have fought endlessly for investigations and prosecutions of our “war criminals.”  And now, we are seeing a “limited investigation.”*  There are endless efforts to “expand” the wars the aggressions and the funding thereby.  This, of course, pertains to our International failings.

On a domestic level, I consider the healthcare reform issue as large an issue, as the International issues.  To me, both of these International and domestic issues are a “symbol” of our nation and how we are defined and the direction we are headed.  We are DEFINITELY at a pivotal point in our history as to WHO we are as a nation. It’s not looking good — more closely related to “3rd world country.”

Somehow, I almost feel like the “healthcare issue” will be our FINAL defining point of us, as a people, and the epitome of our direction, as a country. WHY?  Because if we cannot FINALLY (after so many years, and way long after so many other nations), decide on the importance of US, as plain, ordinary human beings and AMERICANS, then, I truly believe this will be our final “signal” as to a nation lost to fascism, or whatever you wish to call it.  

So, can we reverse the “trend” of the healthcare situation?  Well, if ALL of us DO NOT FIGHT LIKE HELL, we will “lose” again.  It’s your choice!  We NEED to be supportive of those “groups” who are genuinely supportive of us!

And, so, here is the sign-up to help support Brave New Films, in so many ways!

This effort, and Mad As Hell Doctors (reporting regularly) are worth our efforts!  DO SOMETHING!!!!


The Truth Behind Public Option

Time to Get to Work

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains what a public option for healthcare coverage really means for working people.

We thank Jacob Kornbluth for directing and producing the Robert Reich interview portion of this piece.

We can’t let the insurance companies decide who gets care and who doesn’t.

Pass it on to everyone you know.

Then contribute to Brave New Films so we can continue to get the word out on the real truth behind public option.

Also see: The video expose on Stephen Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth Group>

Learn more about the insurance company CEOs [Just looking as these faces is enough to get you ill.]  

My instincts are speaking loud and clear — I hope yours are, too!

* (I hope that this limited investigation will not “run out the statute” (our national one) for those detainees still “alive,” as that particular statute will run out soon.  I need to check on that, as I don’t know how this particular investigation affects that issue, but it’s something to consider.  Yes, the investigation of the “dead by torture” is a war crime punishable by death and a good one to pursue, but the “dead” can’t speak on their own behalf.  

THIS was intended to be a response to buhdy’s “Progressive Caucus Becomes a Political Force “

but, my response became so longgg, I decided to post it, instead.

Yesterday — in a late posting in buhdy’s thread, I stated some afterthoughts — see here, as well as having expressed some thoughts earlier here.

I called nine Congressional reps, basically, to see where they were at on single-payer [deliberately] and a “what if” there is no public option — and I stated how I felt about the WHOLE thing and what, I assumed, were the sentiments of not just me, but many, many Americans.  The true, true, “progressives” were unabashed at stating their positions, i.e., would not vote for any bill without a strong public option and, in addition, are strongly in support of H.R. 676 (Conyers & Kucinich single-payer plan).  Then, there were those that simply wanted to wait until they heard what Obama had to say, some even saying they’d go “his way,” and, then, there were those who stated they wanted a “strong public option” but would not commit to a “what if.”  One or two were not “progressives,” as I was trying to get a kind of “sampling,” so to speak.  (FYI, calls I made were to Congresspersons, Jackson (IL), Rush (IL), Markey, Matsui, Thompson, Davis (IL), Wexler (FL), Schakowsky (IL) and I kept notes.)

Please note:  That in my approach to these “critters,” I simply stated that I wanted to know the view of the Congressman on this and that — after I heard whatever I heard is when I laid out my sentiments and facts.  

Please note, too: I think there may be some in the Progressive Caucus who merely want to “appear” as being progressive, but not much stronger than a regular Dem.

So, thanks, budhy, for bringing this up — I REALLY THINK IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO US.  And I think the “Mad as Hell Doctors” are leading US into a good thing, as well — they have launched and are now reporting.  They are receiving around 500 or more visitors at each place they’ve stopped at so far — and that’s only about three right now, and they’re receiving very good newspaper coverage.

I think we all know that the healthcare reform is a “pivotal” point in our society and it’s history.  So far, I would imagine we are a laughing stock among those Western industrialized nations who have had government healthcare for many, many years — but, I would imagine that they cry for us at the same time.  I’m sure it’s very hard for them to imagine a society so calloused as to let people DIE, literally, for want of no healthcare coverage, or being cut off for being VERY ill.

Reflecting! I think it’s this kind of social lack of morality in our society that is the core reason for the basic unhappiness (and illness) in Americans, despite all their material goods that they may have — feeling never satisfied.  And, of course, now most of us are down to the basics of life.  But it’s that “lack” socially that also creates numerous illnesses, not just physical:  rampant crime from the top on down, an indescribable “aching” in our hearts, which, in turn, creates “illness” and a kind of “senselessness” created thereby, IOW, if you run out of money, you’re the same as dead.  Having to be watchful of what our government does with our monies and our wishes also contributes to varying types of illnesses.  These are the kinds of things that “gnaw” at us as human beings/Americans.  All of these sub-conscience “workings” play havoc with us.  We do not have happy lives, despite our “trappings.” Americans have even reached the point that they’re afraid to take “real” vacations, and most only taking a few days here or there.  Why?  Fear of losing their jobs!  Fear of depleting what little money they may have garnered and so on.  Sad, sad, sad.  So, I think each of us try to find little “tiny” ways to carve out a measure of “happiness” — that which no one can take away from us.

Where is the LOVE?

On Fighting The Madness, Or, Send This To A Deather

We are coming down to the home stretch on healthcare, and we have seen the results of the first couple of rounds of crazy that have been sent forth in an effort to stop the process.

In addition to the Town Halls, opponents are flooding the email inboxes of America’s “low information” voters with no end of lies. Those emails are getting passed around and around and around, and by now some of them have probably appeared in your inbox.

But it’s summer…and who has time to respond to this stuff?

Well, guess what, Gentle Reader: I’ve already done the hard work for you.

Today’s story is an email response that you can send right back to your “inbox friends”. It’s a reminder of some of the frustrations that we all share in this country and some explanations of what’s being proposed…and a few words about socialism, to boot.

So get out there and copy and paste and forward and reply, and let’s see if we can’t fight the madness, one email at a time.  

“Mad as Hell Doctors” are set to ROLL!

Some of you will recall I posted information about “Mad as Hell Doctors” here.

Well, these doctors are definitely still “Mad as Hell” and even madder.  And since my post, they’ve picked up a lot of momentum, along with other “Mad as Hell” people — even having gotten the attention of the White House — couldn’t be better.  

In an e-mail I received today, they are set to ROLL this coming Tuesday, September 8th, 2009!  

Our kick off is just days away…  

We leave Portland, Oregon the morning of September 8th. Now is the time to step up with a donation, and here is why: we are having huge impact. First of all, the campaign is picking up tremendous momentum. We are getting calls and emails from every corner of the country. People are Mad As Hell about the way Congress and The White House have turned their back on the Single Payer supporters. Go to www.MadAsHellDoctors.com to make your contribution.


Join us on September 8 in Portland Oregon for a huge rally and kickoff.

10am in Downtown Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Live music and special guest speakers

Join us in Seattle later that day. Join the caravan as we ride into Seattle to our big event:

We’ll arrive at St. Francis Hospital between 2:30 and 3pm, and then lead the Care-A-Van into Seattle at 3pm.

34515 9th Ave S, Federal Way, WA

We’ll be heading to our event that evening:

5pm at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center

104 17th Ave S, Seattle, WA

And here’s more important news:  

Our Sequim, Washington event was attended by 700 people! At one point in the evening all 700 stood up and shouted “We’re as Mad As Hell and We’re Not Going to Take This Anymore!” Click here to see footage of the people speaking during the Mad As Hell Minute.

Our National Creative Director Adam Klugman received a call from The White House recently. A staffer asked him to take down the letter of support for our meeting request with the President. Apparently, so many of you have written to the White House that it is clogging up their system. We have their attention, they know what we want, they just haven’t realized how important single payer health care is to the American people. And we won’t settle till we have an appointment with President Obama. If you haven’t sent one, do it today, go here and click on “Letter to Obama” to send one.

We now have a motor home for our trip! Her name is “Winnie” and she is in the process of being wrapped with our logo for the big trip east. You can see her in Stage One by going here and clicking on “Mad Motor Home”.

The Ed Shultz Show has agreed to partner with us on our trip and will be doing periodic check-ins with us along the way.

Rachel Maddow is considering having us do the kick-off announcement on her show. Send the show a lot of emails support her decision to have us on!

At every scheduled Town Hall there are different organizations who support single payer working together for the first time – all because of this campaign!

We are making noise! The President knows we’re here. This campaign is slowly turning into a movement! And we need your help. Any donation amount is hugely appreciated. And remember to send the website www.MadAsHellDoctors.com to your friends, family colleagues and complete strangers.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, or along our way to Washington, D.C.

Thanks again for your past support. Know that you are making a difference!

Mad As Hell,


Invite your friends to join our Facebook Fan Page for the latest news, updates from stops along the way, Mad As Hell Videos and updates about the action people are taking across the country for single payer health care:


PLEASE NOTE:  ©2009 Mad As Hell Doctors | Portland, OR 97201  This use of the copyrighted material should qualify under the “fair use” laws, as being for information and instructional purposes only!

To sign up, click “Contact Us” on the website!

This is NOT a diary! This is an INFORMATION alert!

I heard about this initiative this afternoon on the Tom Hartmann show.  I listened with interest and decided to look up the group, identifying themselves as, Mad as Hell Doctors!  I thought it was a pretty cool idea and one that certainly wouldn’t hurt, if nothing more than an attempt to offset what could occur with the healthcare reform plan(s), still in the formative stages.  So, I thought I would bring the information to you, as well, since it’s quite possible that not many know about it as yet!

What is Single Payer?

(click on link)




See our Itinerary


You CAN handle the Truth

There’s no nice way to say it. The financial cost of health care is killing our citizens, hobbling our economy, crushing small business, and threatening the solvency of our government.  In the meantime, the Health Care Industry is spending almost two million dollars a day lobbying Congress and manipulating public opinion to accept “reform” legislation that leaves a vicious, for-profit system intact. The “public option” is a trap. We need real reform that finds immediate savings, controls costs, and accomplishes the moral imperative of true Universal Access.  A Single Payer plan is the only real path to a Health Care System that is socially, ethically and fiscally responsible. And yet, our elected officials refuse to even discuss the possibility of a Single Payer plan!

If that doesn’t make you mad, we recommend checking your pulse.

Please go here to read more!

PLEASE NOTE:  Content copyright 2009. Adam Klugman. All rights reserved.  This partial/incomplete use of the copyrighted material should qualify under the “fair use” laws, as being for information and instructional purposes only!

I think this is a very interesting and innovative effort.  Although, you may or may not agree with each and every single point, I do think this would be a good effort for us to join and help — I don’t think there’s a chance in hell of getting single-payer, but this kind of pressure may help to assure us of something better than what may be handed down to us!


(Some people were wondering!)

How Many Times?

Robin Wells . . .

Are we having fun yet?  Birthers, Limbaugh’s diatribe equating Obama to Hitler, fistfights at town halls, an enormous increase in death threats against the president.  And now our diva moment, with Sarah Palin–in full victimhood throttle–charging on Friday that an “Obama death panel” could deny health care and pass a death sentence on her Down syndrome child.

In an unbroken line from Goldwater to Limbaugh and Palin, the Republican Party has committed itself to scorched-earth tactics that have shredded the economic, political, and moral fabric of this country.

New millennium.  Same RePug tactics.    

blueintheface . . .

Rahm Emanuel, the man who dismissed the 50-state strategy that led to the political revolution that the 1994 Republicans could only dream about, the Democratic leader who made it his priority to nurse a petty grudge against the man who pioneered the grassroots internet campaign instrumental in Democrats gaining control of the House, Senate and Presidency, recently held a meeting to slam Democratic activists for pressuring the legislators who are holding up healthcare reform, calling their ads “fucking stupid”.

New millennium.  Same Democratic tactics.

The Health Insurers Have Already Won . . .

The insurance industry has succeeded in redefining the terms of the reform debate to such a degree that no matter what specifics emerge in the voluminous bill Congress may send to President Obama this fall, the insurance industry will emerge more profitable.

New millennium.  Same corporate fascism.

Progressive Democrats Take A Stand On Health Care

An amendment introduced by representative Anthony Weiner, which would have created national single payer, has been traded in for a vote on the House floor in September, as a part of the deal between liberal and conservative members of the Democratic Party. The case – in support of single payer – made by some Democrats during the mark-up echoed the speeches given at a rally, which took place in the Upper Senate Park on Thursday, July 30th. That same day a number of members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus held a press conference on the Capitol Hill where they announced their intent to fight for a robust public option. The Real News spoke to David Swanson from Democrats.com who attended both the rally and the press conference.

Real News Network – August 3, 2009 – 9 minutes

Some members of Congress are going to fight for a robust public option and a single-payer amendment

David Swanson is the creator of ImpeachCheney.org, co-founder of AfterDowningStreet.org and Washington Director of Democrats.com A writer and organizer, Swanson has worked for ACORN, the International Labor Communications Association, Dennis Kucinich’s 2004 presidential campaign and many others.

Hoisting Luntz By His Own Petard

A week or so ago, as noted in this story and a few diaries, Frank Luntz, the other side’s wannabe equivalent to George Lakoff (apologies in advance to George, who is sincere in his efforts to make us effective speakers, unlike Dr. Luntz, who is a whore), published a talking points manifesto.  It is intended for those who – lacking any actual plan or constructive suggestion regarding healthcare – ceaselessly bloviate on the topic nonetheless, and to suggest how they might successfully torpedo any honest efforts at fixing our healthcare mess.  It is essentially a talking points manual for the talking heads of the Party of No on how to kill healthcare reform.

I would love to be searingly derisive of this effort, but there is much that can be learned from it which, no doubt contrary to Dr. Luntz’s intentions, can be used to sabotage the saboteurs.  Let me clarify that my healthcare reform may not be your’s.  I am a universal single-payer advocate.  But it is likely that our mutual truths are informed by this examination and commentary.

Let the fun begin!

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