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Tell Congress to PASS the Weiner Amendment to H.R. 3200!

According to a post on Pennsylvania blog, House speaker Nancy Pelosi will allow a mere twenty minutes of debate on single-payer, albeit indirectly.

The debate will actually be on an amendment put forth by Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York’s 9th District, which would effectively transform the corporate giveaway that is HR 3200 into something very close to the single-payer form offered by Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers’s HR 676.  According to David Swanson, the debate on the Weiner amendment is being used as cover for dropping Kucinich’s amendment, which would allow states to create their own single-payer health insurance systems.

This is probably our last, best chance to improve what is shaping up to be a disastrously bad bill that will force Americans into buying unaffordable insurance.  Click on the House Telephone Directory link, call as many representatives as you can, and demand that they pass the Weiner amendment.  This may be our only shot at getting something that will work for all Americans, instead of simply further enriching Big Insurance.

Two Years since SiCKO: Have Americans seen any Progress?

This is really long diary that was posted at DailyKos two days ago. It pays respect where respect is due and looks at the history of the elected officials we are expecting healthcare reform from at the same time. This is a tribute to some good Americans and tragic story of murder and corruption that ends with a question.

On this day two years ago Michael Moore’s SiCKO was released in American movie theaters. In the two years since SiCKO a majority of the American people now want what all Americans need. Somewhere between 59 and 65 percent of Americans want a single payer system that is financed by taxpayers.

For the first time since a now six year old bill called H.R. 676 that was never meant to pass in the first place, someone was working to raise awareness on the issue Americans face from the merchants of death. So this seems like a good time to remember one the few loud voices in this nation that is not influenced by free market of death and praise a few others who are taking it to the streets. Some people who believe our good health is a priority.

There is still the problem of the U.S. Government that will not represent the will of the people and can not look at the devastation that Americans must face each day. The falsehood of the present healthcare debate prevents anything but false reform. In the transition from Bush to Obama will honest hardworking Americans see justice or just campaign donation based propaganda?

EENR for Progress: Americans are Dying

For the sixth year in a row, the percentage of uninsured Americans is on the rise. Just in 2006, 2.2 million Americans joined the ranks of the uninsured. Back in 2002, The Institute of Medicine released its second installment of a six part report on what happens to thousands of Americans who lack health care coverage in America. The result was shocking, 18,000 Americans die every year because they lack health care coverage.  

Universal Health Care: HR 676 vs the Big Three! w/poll

The CBC/CNN debate in South Carolina is history.  One of the issues covered was that of Univeral Health Care.  The Big Three each have their plans, which are built upon some form of our current system of health insurance.  The other major plan is HR 676, The Conyers/Kucinich Plan for Medicare for All.

If you want Universal Health Care, vote Kucinich!

And so we see the field narrowing again!  John Edwards appears to be on CNN’s not viable list.  My advice to Edwards and his supporters:  Be like my candidate, Dennis Kucinich!  Fight the bastards every step of the way.  And while your at it, embrace Dennis’ call for Universal Health Care!  🙂

Kucinich: It’s up to us to reclaim America! w/poll

It comes down to this.  I support Dennis Kucinich.  I don’t support HRC.  I don’t support Obama, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel and I don’t support John Edwards.


Myths: Does your candidate believe them on Health Care

Health Care, not health insurance.  It’s not too hard a concept.  Universal Health Care, not universal health insurance.  Did the concept get any more difficult?  Universal Single-Payer Not-for-Profit Health Care, not universal mandated health insurance.  It’s still not too hard to differentiate between them.