Robert Greenwald, of Brave New Films, comes through AGAIN!

As you know, WE’ve been screaming and yelling for over eight years now and we’ve been heard, WE’ve simply been ignored.  On ALL of the issues of UTMOST importance, we have lost, i.e., the many anti-war movements and marches, the multitudinous efforts to have Bush and Cheney Impeached, thwarted by Ms. Pelosi (Impeachment would be “too divisive”), and the ensuing ills that were foisted upon us thereafter — AFTER taking Impeachment “off the table.”  Well, I think everyone knows the issues we have fought on.  We have fought endlessly for investigations and prosecutions of our “war criminals.”  And now, we are seeing a “limited investigation.”*  There are endless efforts to “expand” the wars the aggressions and the funding thereby.  This, of course, pertains to our International failings.

On a domestic level, I consider the healthcare reform issue as large an issue, as the International issues.  To me, both of these International and domestic issues are a “symbol” of our nation and how we are defined and the direction we are headed.  We are DEFINITELY at a pivotal point in our history as to WHO we are as a nation. It’s not looking good — more closely related to “3rd world country.”

Somehow, I almost feel like the “healthcare issue” will be our FINAL defining point of us, as a people, and the epitome of our direction, as a country. WHY?  Because if we cannot FINALLY (after so many years, and way long after so many other nations), decide on the importance of US, as plain, ordinary human beings and AMERICANS, then, I truly believe this will be our final “signal” as to a nation lost to fascism, or whatever you wish to call it.  

So, can we reverse the “trend” of the healthcare situation?  Well, if ALL of us DO NOT FIGHT LIKE HELL, we will “lose” again.  It’s your choice!  We NEED to be supportive of those “groups” who are genuinely supportive of us!

And, so, here is the sign-up to help support Brave New Films, in so many ways!

This effort, and Mad As Hell Doctors (reporting regularly) are worth our efforts!  DO SOMETHING!!!!


The Truth Behind Public Option

Time to Get to Work

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich explains what a public option for healthcare coverage really means for working people.

We thank Jacob Kornbluth for directing and producing the Robert Reich interview portion of this piece.

We can’t let the insurance companies decide who gets care and who doesn’t.

Pass it on to everyone you know.

Then contribute to Brave New Films so we can continue to get the word out on the real truth behind public option.

Also see: The video expose on Stephen Hemsley, CEO of UnitedHealth Group>

Learn more about the insurance company CEOs [Just looking as these faces is enough to get you ill.]  

My instincts are speaking loud and clear — I hope yours are, too!

* (I hope that this limited investigation will not “run out the statute” (our national one) for those detainees still “alive,” as that particular statute will run out soon.  I need to check on that, as I don’t know how this particular investigation affects that issue, but it’s something to consider.  Yes, the investigation of the “dead by torture” is a war crime punishable by death and a good one to pursue, but the “dead” can’t speak on their own behalf.  


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    • Alma on September 12, 2009 at 06:22

    the weary or the wicked.  We get so weary going after those wicked congresscritters.

    We have to hit them on every front we can.

    Thanks Tahoe!  

  2. Thanks for posting this, Tahoe.

  3. To see and read the compensation packages of the top 6 health insurance CEOs is sickening yet very needed information.  Thank you.

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