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In Memoriam: Vern Radul (Edger)

In is with a heavy heart that we bring the saddest news that our dear friend and editor Edger passed away on November 28 after a brief illness. As one friend noted Edger was caring, passionate and compassionate and with a strong sense of justice.

Vern Radul 11/28/2014 photo Vern_zpse07c1aba.jpg

Rest in Peace, my friend

Where’s Edger?

Where in the fandangled world is Edger?

Has there been a kidnapping?

Edger Needs A Little Help From His Friends

This is definitely not a good time to ask for donations for any reason.  Many have lost their jobs. And, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a job, it’s still hard to make ends meet despite long work schedules. Not to mention that even if you have a job, you may need to be frugal with your budget to try to save some money just in case you lose your job next week.

Difficult times indeed.