In Memoriam: Vern Radul (Edger)

In is with a heavy heart that we bring the saddest news that our dear friend and editor Edger passed away on November 28 after a brief illness. As one friend noted Edger was caring, passionate and compassionate and with a strong sense of justice.

Vern Radul 11/28/2014 photo Vern_zpse07c1aba.jpg

Rest in Peace, my friend


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    • TMC on November 30, 2014 at 3:45 am

    Blessed Be

    May the Goddess guide Edger to the Summerlands. May his family and friends and the world find justice and peace.

  1. fuck you for leaving.  It’s your ultimate insult to industrial savagery, leaving us alone.

    what a blow.  I’m so conditioned to Edger’s presence, that I cannot even estimate his righteous impact, but on me he was like a tuning fork.  I’m truly incredulous and sad.

  2. For me, really, considering his absence.  I wish we’d met; we would’ve been famous buddies.  Ruling the world.  Ha Ha.

  3. For me, really, considering his absence.  I wish we’d met; we would’ve been famous buddies.  Ruling the world.  Ha Ha.

    • triv33 on November 30, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    especially so this past one. I will miss him so very much.

  4. what a shock, edger was a good guy. Gone way too soon. RIP edger.

    MomCat, should I put something up about this at DK or should I just let it lie? I’m Johnny the Conqueroo there.

    • dkmich on November 30, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    condolences, say goodbye to Edger, and to see if there was more information on how and why.  His kindness will be missed, and I hope he is at peace.

    • OPOL on December 1, 2014 at 2:41 am

    Compassionate and generous. I’m heartbroken. RIP, brother.

  5. the first thing I see is this on the passing of “Edger” … Vern.  I am shocked and heartsick …. many of us traveled such a long road together and now this.  It was just a few months ago, when we exchanged e-mails and he showed me some of the great work he was doing commercially, in building websites. He was truly expert in all of that stuff … he had developed his talents to do the roll over thing, which would enlarge or minimize whatever the work was about.  

    He was so devoted to “Magic” — his cat (see pics on FB). I hope Magic has caretaker, too.

    How sorrowful it is.  RIP, “Edger!”

    (“Hello” to all — sharing this sad moment.)

    • pfiore8 on December 12, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    glad to see you all here. old friends. stable voices. safe places. walking on sunshine coasts and vibrant FUCK YOUs, holding breath, laughing, discovering.

    bam. set upon the rocks again. then pulled away then smashed again. never able to completely regain a lasting foothold.

    even with violet in the gray morning light, just beyond the tree line. even for a short moment of peace and quiet. even for a moment before this news, there still was you.

    wow. gob smacked Edger. no goodbyes. someday, let it be, that our smashed crashed atoms collide again.

    soft landings dear Edger.

  6. and while he had all the sunshine coast to see, he chose to hang around with us.  He shared hard things and real struggles.  I never made it the short distance north to say hi, though we talked about it.  Our only interaction in recent years was the showing up in peefs FB comments. But we had many excellent conversations here.    

    Edger was way better than I am at picking songs.  But I was thinking of the little towns along the sunshine coast, and who I remember him as, and I thought of this song.  I wish I could find a better video, but I hope he would have liked the Bruce.

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